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Boiler Blowdown Tanks

Boiler Blowdown Tank, boiler tank, highland tank The Boiler Blowdown Tank is a steel storage unit designed to remove dissolved solids and sludge that build up in discharged boiler water. As an ASME pressure vessel, these tanks enable high pressure water to safely flash to steam. This protects the boiler surfaces from corrosion and severe scaling to maintain boiler functionality.

As part of boiler system, blowdown tanks work to minimized build up and scaling in the boiler tank. Tanks are designed according to your system and tank needs. In general, the blowdown tank should be at least two times the volume of the boiler water. This allows the system enough space to properly process all of the water. Standard tanks include an inlet, vent, drain outlet and drain clean out.

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Standard Features

  • Manufactured to ASME Code
  • Blowdown Inlet
  • Tank Vent
  • 12" x 16" Minimum Elliptical Manway
  • Bottom Overflow Drain Outlet w/ Siphon Breaker
  • Cleanout Drain
  • Exterior Gray Alkyd Shop Primer


These tanks are designed with several features to help prevent suspended solids from building up and preventing the boiler from performing its function. The surface water blowdown is often done frequently to help prevent solids and sludge from building up in your tank system. This blowdown process often includes the removal of water to help keep the tank clean.

Technical Specifications & Sizing Guide

  • Diameter: 36" - 72"
  • Straight Shell Height: 30" - 96"
  • Overall Height: 70" - 155"
  • Inlet: Up to 2"
  • Vent: 4" - 10"
  • Drain Outlet: 3" - 4"
  • Drain Cleanout: 2"
  • Shell/Head Thickness: 3/8"
Dia.  SSH  OAH  Inlet* Vent * Drain Outlet* Drain Cleanout**
36”  30”  70”  Up to 2”  4”  3”  2” 
42”  42”  85”  Up to 2”  5”  3”  2” 
48”  48”  94”  Up to 2”  6”  4”  2” 
54”  66”  116”  Up to 2”  6”  4”  2” 
60”  72”  125”  Up to 2”  6”  4”  2” 
72”  96”  155”  Up to 2”  10”  4”  2” 


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