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Cistern Tank Liners

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When dealing with an old or leaking cistern, cistern tank liners are the perfect way to update your existing tank without having to buy a completely new unit. Cistern liners are made from several different materials to help with lining of existing cisterns. Typical materials will include fabrics that meet FDA and NSF 61 requirements and can be successfully used in different drinking water applications. Whether you have an old, new, or leaking unit, these liners can help protect your tank and create a safe area for storing rainwater.

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Fabric Options
  • Elvaloy
  • PVC
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • XR-5
Liquid Compatibility
  • NSF 61 and FDA Compliant for Potable Water
  • Gray Water, Waste Water or Irrigation Water Compatible
Sizing Sized to your Tank Specifications
Options Boots to Fit Around Pipes, Fittings or other Hardware


Tank Liner Information

Due to the fact that these liners are frequently used in existing cisterns, sizing for the liner will depend entirely on the size of your existing cistern unit. Typical information we would need to know regarding the sizing of your unit will include:

  1. Shape of Cistern (circular, rectangular, etc.)

  2. Dimensions:
    1. Length, Width, and Height
    2. Height and Circumference
  3. Surface Area Available for Installation

  4. Type of Surface/Cistern Material (concrete, steel, etc.)

  5. Obstructions or Obstacles in the Area (Is there anything that the liner will need to work around such as fittings, piping or other required equipment?)

  6. Access Requirements

In general, having any information regarding your existing cistern can be helpful in determining the best option for your area. This can help us create an option that can work for your cistern requirements.



When looking for an economical solution to your existing unit, using a cistern liner can offer several advantages both in terms of cost and easy use. Some of these advantages will include:

  • Economical
  • No Purchase of a New Cistern Required
  • Light Weight
  • collapsible tanks Cistern Liner Product Flyer
  • Flexible to Adjust to Piping or Fittings
  • Easily Installs Inside Tanks
  • Robust Materials for Reliable Use

Liner Installation

Similarly, installation of a cistern tank liner will depend largely on your existing unit. Liners will typically be installed to your cistern using a kind of banding material. This can include strips made from either plastic, aluminum or stainless steel that will allow gaskets to be placed into the strip, liner and tank. To further help support your tank, geotextiles may also be used between the tank and the liner.


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