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Portable Water Tanks for Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting Water Tanks are used to supply fire fighters with needed water in locations where hydrants and other water sources are scarce. Including models such as open top onion tanks and folding frame tanks, these units keep a compact structure that is easy to transport and move from one location to the next. This portable system is commonly used in remote locations, forests, or rural areas that are prone to wild fires. Once on site, water trucks and tankers can quickly fill the storage tanks to supply hoses and other equipment. This provides water trucks with time to refill while fire fighting efforts are still underway.

onion tanks

Onion Water Tanks

folding frame tank

Frame Water Tanks

double folding frame tank

Double Fold Frame Tank

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Portable Water Tanks for Fire Fighting

fire fighting water tanksOnion tanks and frame tanks are an excellent choice for fire fighting applications. Since these units have an open top, hoses can be placed directly into the top of the tank for fast filling. From here, tanks can be used to source pumps and other equipment for fire fighting.

Advantages officials have found when using fire fighting water tanks have included the following:

  • Easy Transportation to New Location
  • Lays Flat when Empty for Easy Placement
  • Self Rising or Folding Frame
  • Flexible Material for Hose or Drain Fittings
  • Large Capacities (up to 20,000 gallons)
  • Stores Water in Remote Locations


Small Portable Fire Water Tanks

Fire control water trailers are an easy way to put out small grass or brush fires in agricultural locations. These tanks are often used agricultural locations, such as small nurseries and farms where small fires may occur. These tanks feature a black exterior for use in outdoor locations and are made in capacities from 500 to 1025 gallons.

Depending on your requirements, systems can include tanks, trailers, pumps, hoses and other spray equipment. Advantages of these trailer units include:

  • Portable
  • Economical
  • Long Hoses Available for Tall Trees
  • Used for Water Spray

All of these storage options are ideal for fire fighting efforts and can be used to put out fires economically. Whether you are a fire fighter looking for storage tanks in remote locations or an agricultural user looking for a quick way to put out small fires, these tanks can help you with your storage application.


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Addition Fire Water Tanks

In addition to these fire fighting water tanks, we also offer several fire water tanks to help with the storage of water in fire sprinkler or fire suppression systems. These tanks include steel units or collapsible tanks. For more information, check out the products shown below:

collapsible tanks

Collapsible Tanks:

These flexible tanks are made in sizes up 210,000 gallons for water storage. These hook up to sprinkler systems for easy supplying.

fire protection tanks

Steel Fire Fighting Water Tanks:

These steel tanks are designed for fire protection applications including use supply water to different locations.