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Flexitanks are ideal for bulk liquid transportation in ISO shipping containers or box reefer (refrigerated) trucks. These tanks are suitable for food grade materials, non-hazardous pharmaceuticals, chemical and industrial products. This simple solution allows materials to be cost effectively and efficiently shipped globally reducing the landed materials cost.

*This product has been discontinued*

Flexitank & Reefer Information

We provide heavy duty, durable Flexitanks for multiple uses or light duty single trip tanks ("one trippers") suitable for various contact times. Steel Bulkheads weigh about 100 lbs each. They are required for 20' Flexitank container applications and are completely reusable. Disposable Bulkheads are available upon request. Our standard Flexitank designs allow for transportation of 25,000 - 9,000 liter (44000 pounds) volumes. Custom sizes and designs are available.

Our Reefer tanks are capable of being used in refrigerated box containers (reefers), allowing shippers to transport juices, juice concentrates, egg products, wine, etc at controlled temperatures.


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Flexitank Benefits

  • Reliable Bulk Liquid Transportation
  • Compatible with Several Liquid Materials
  • Economical Bulk Packaging
  • Safe for Food Grade Items
  • Reefer Tanks have Ability to Transport Refrigerated Items
  • Fits in 20 or 40 foot Containers



Technical Specifications

Standard Flexitank Features:

  • Unique Quality construction for safe drinking water liquid transportation.
  • Converts standard dry cargo ISO Shipping container into a one-way bulk liquid transport system.
  • Standard 50 mm (2 inch)fill/drain fittings with ball valve, dust cap and ball valve with male camlock. Center vent non-pressure relief cap. (alternates available at additional cost)
  • More economical than other bulk packaging options like IBC's
  • Food grade approved materials are certified. See Compatibility Guide.
  • Completely disposable OR Reusable depending on your needs
  • Product handling becomes a lot more versatile with decreased landed material cost.
  • Each tank is uniquely numbered for traceability, and packaged safely for shipping.
  • Best of all - EASY TO USE!!! See how to install the Flexitank with our Installation Instructions and Installation Video


We also can provide Custom Reefer style tanks which allow 2 different materials to be shipped in one container!


Capacity Material Fill/Empty
20 ft. Container 16,000 liters 750 gm/sq. m
(22 oz/ sp. Yd. coated fabric) suitable for contact with Food grade glycerin
2" (50 mm) top or bottom fill/drain port with ball valve and cap
20 ft. Container 23,000 liters 750 gm/sq. m
(22 oz/sq. yd coated fabric)
suitable for contact with crude coconut oil
2" (50 mm)
top or bottom fill/drain with ball valve and cap
40 ft. Container 23,000 liters 1000 gm/sq. m
(30 oz/ sq. yd. coated fabric) suitable for contact with Biodiesel for up to 2 years
2" (50 mm)
top or bottom fill/drain 
with ball valve and cap
53 ft. Trailer or Box Van 23,000 liters 1000 gm/sq. m
(30 oz/ sq. yd. coated fabric) suitable for contact with Biodiesel for up to 2 years
2" (50 mm) top or bottom fill/drain with ball valve and cap


See what materials are typically needed for a Material Safety Data Sheet.

Check out the Reefer Tank In Action.

reefer tankAs one can imagine, we have a vast variety of materials, sizes and configurations available. We recommend that Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and trip duration (total contact time) be provided to ensure compatibility and most efficient use of materials. This data is kept in strictest confidence and is used only to provide sound advice and warranty to meet your needs.

Our tanks are located in the United States and through strategic partnerships can service your requirements globally.

Please Note: The recommended contact time is a guide only. It implies that, at that stage, some of the mechanical properties could start to change. All is depending on care, storage, weather conditions, etc. Many customers have successfully used materials, recommended for 90 days, for over 2 years without problems.

NOTE: If liquid is listed as hazardous in the MSDS, Flexi-tanks are not an approved method for bulk shipments. See Material Compatibility Guide.


Additional Information

Flexitanks Reefer Tanks Additional Information
Installation Guide (pdf) Reefer Tank in Use MSDS Required Info (pdf)
Installation Video   Compatibility Guide (pdf)
Flexitank in Use   Who Uses Flexitanks (pdf)




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