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Cistern Tank Liners

Thinking of using liners for cistern tanks? Check out the customer discussion below to see how these liners can be used in a cistern.


Do you sell your products in Canada? We are looking for liners to put cistern tanks to contain drinking water. The cistern is 10ft. x 12 ft. Thanks.


liners for cistern tanksThanks for contacting us! Our liners for cistern tanks, drinking water grade, are ideal for improving and supplementing the supply of drinking water to island communities, remote villages, private homes or housing developments. The Cistern Liners and tanks are designed to match site sizing requirements as specified for by the cucstomer.

From the specifications that you have provided, we would assume that your tank is featuring a size of a 10 by 12. In order to provide you with the best product available, it would helpful if you could also provide us with the height of your tank. This can help to cover the full surface area of your tank. Typical information we require includes:

  • Shape of Tank
  • Desired Coverage Area
  • Dimensions of the Tank
  • Tank Material or Surface Material
  • Fittings or Piping Needing to be Worked Around

If, however, you are only looking to cover or line the bottom of your tank, this sizing would be satisfactory in this application.

Since you have mentioned that you will be using this tank to contain drinking water, the fabrics used in the manufacture of our pond liners, portable tanks and cistern tanks are FDA and NSF 61 compliant for potable water use. This helps to provide you with a high level of storage to safely store your potable water.

While we do not have a representative in Canada, we do ship there often. If you are interested in shipping your product to a location in Canada, please provide us with a shipping location and we would be happy to get you a cost on shipping these tanks to you.


For pricing information, please feel free to Request a Price Quote. Don't hesitate to contact our tech team for further questions at

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