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Pressure Washer Water Trailer

**The pressure washer trailer is currently discontinued**

pressure washer trailerThis pressure washer trailer is designed to ease the hassle of pressure washing jobs by providing an easy way to store and transport water. These pressuring washing units include a poly water storage tank that has been mounted to a portable trailer for water transportation to required locations.

During pressure washing jobs, it is sometimes difficult to find a water source to supply your pressure washer. This water trailer is designed to hook up to the back of your vehicle so you can bring your water supply with you. Trailers additionally contain an extending frame that can hold your pressure washer and other required equipment.

In addition to pressure washing, these units have also been used for:

  • Potable Water Transportation
  • Water for Livestock
  • Water Storage
  • Emergency Potable Water Supply


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  • 500 or 1000 gallon Capacity
  • Elliptical Polyethylene Tank
  • DOT Approved Trailer
  • Electric Brakes
  • Heavy Duty Fenders
  • Pressure Washer Frame
  • 2" Adjustable Call Hitch
  • Extending Frame



  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Can Handle Hot or Cold Water
  • Frame Extends to Hold Equipment
  • Brings Water to Pressure Washing Jobs
  • Long-Lasting Storage Solution
  • DOT Approved for Road Transportation
  • Tank Offers High Resistance to Chemicals, Rust & Corrosion


Pressure Washer Trailer
Technical Specifications

Part Number Tank Type Ball Hitch Brakes
D14100T-W 1000 gal. elliptical tank 2 5/16" adjustable ball hitch Tandem Electric Brakes
D07500T-W 500 gal. elliptical tank 2" adjustable ball hitch Tandem Electric Brakes
D07500T-W-S 500 gal. elliptical tank 2" adjustable ball hitch Surge Brakes

All Tanks Also Include the Following Equipment:

-Tandem Brake Axles
-Breakaway Break Kit
-Heavy Duty Fenders
-Pressure Washer Frame & Chemical Platform (extends to fit Pressure Washer)

Tilt Trailer for 3000 gal. Tanks

Part Number Description Tires Other Equipment
W2205 Trailer for 3000 gal. tank ST205/75D15 Jack, Ratchet Strap, Torsion Axle

3000 gal. Poly Tank Specifications:

-96" d x 107"h
-2" Siphon Drain Filling
-18" Manway


This versatile water storage system is an excellent way to bring a required hot or cold water supply to your pressure washing job. Trailers are easy to hook up to your transportation vehicle and are DOT approved for safe transportation. Frames on these trailers can also be extended to hold other required equipment such as the pressure washer, soap, hose, and more.

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