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Plastic Septic Tanks

If you're looking for septic tanks that won't corrode or rust, you've come to the right place! These plastic tanks are constructed with a seamless linear polyethylene ribbed design that provides you with a tank that is durable, dependable, and less likely to leak or crack over time. Whether you are looking for standard units or bruiser units, either will arrive pre-plumbed so installation and set-up is easy and hassle-free. While all septic storage tanks come with manholes and gaskets; manhole extensions, sanitary tees, and pipe gaskets and risers are also available.

We also offer collapsible gray water tanks and steel waste water storage tanks.

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made in usaAll plastic tanks are made in the USA.

Plastic tanks are shipped only within the US.


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Bruiser Septic Tank

Bruiser Tank

Poly Tank Accessories

Poly Tank Accessories

plastic tanks webstore

Looking for Pricing? Check out these tanks in our Plastic Tanks Web Store.


When compared to steel, the plastic septic storage tank can be a great alternative as it offers an increased protection against rust and corrosion. This helps to provide durable storage and increased lifespan for your septic materials.

These plastic waste water storage units are available in both and standard and bruiser tank model. Both models feature a ribbed exterior and are equipped to handle underground storage requirements.

Standard Plastic Septic Storage Tanks

The standard plastic septic storage tank comes in both single and double compartments. The dual compartment system works to provide an extra storage space that can offer more time for your solids to settle. In addition, dual septic tanks also provide increased storage space for your septic liquids, which can decrease how often you are required to empty your tank.

  • Pre Plumbed
  • Water Tight Lid
  • Seamless Polyethylene
  • Ribbed Exterior
  • Single or Double Compartment

The Bruiser

As an alternative, the bruiser tank is also available for the storage of septic or various other liquids. When compared to the standard septic tank, the bruiser offers additional strength for underground storage.


  • No Backfill Required: Due to the light weight nature of polyethylene, these tanks often require a backfill of water during installation. This helps to stabilize the tank and prevent any problems. The bruiser, on the other hand, requires no backfill and can be installed empty in your location.

  • Native Soils: Another advantage to the bruiser is its ability to use only native soils during the installation process. This removes the need for specific sand or gravel mixtures.


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