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Aluminum Berm, Water Trailer, Pond Liners and More

Check out our special sale items listed below! Current specials include an pillow tanks, water trailers, and plastic storage tanks. For more information on these deals, please feel free to check out individual sale pages or give us a call at +1-772-646-0597.

plastic water tank

2' x 2' Mini Basin
$55.90 (before Shipping)

2' x 2' x 4" H Mini Spill Basin

  • Size: 2' x 2' x 4" H
  • Material: 26 oz. Coated PVC
  • Style: Fiberglass Rod Walls Snap into Place
  • Color: BLUE

Special Sale: $55.90

Stock Options

Non Potable Water Pillow Tanks
  • 50 gallon Pillow Tank
  • 200 gallon Pillow Tank
  • 250 gallon Pillow Tank
Potable Water Tank
  • 4000 gallon Pillow Tank


Please feel free to contact us any time with additional questions or request regarding our water storage tank specials or any of our other liquid storage tanks. Our sales office can be reached by phone at 772-646-0597 or by email at info@geiworks.com.