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1000 gallon Flexible Tank

30 oz. Drinking Water Approved Fabric

The 1000 gallon flexible water tank is an economical way to store potable water. Made from a reliable, black outer fabric material, these tanks are equipped to handle outdoor storage areas, crawl spaces, basements, and various other storage locations. When used for drinking water purposes, these tanks feature an interior liner that has been FDA and NSF 61 approved to handle and successfully store potable water.

  • Part Number:500 gallon water tank TF30-1000-1
  • Capacity: 1000 gallons
  • Fabric: 30 oz. Drinking Water Compatible
  • Color: Black
  • Fittings:
    • (2) 2" Bulkhead Fitting with Nipple & Cap

Flexible tanks can offer several advantages to rigid storage units including fast setup times, lower shipping costs, lower heights, flexible dimensions and storage capacities. The tank featured here is built with an industrial grade 30 oz. Elvaloy that meets FDA and NSF 61 requirements for drinking water storage.

Flexible Storage Tank Sizing Options

In addition to the 1000 gallon model featured here, we also offer flexible water storage tanks in larger sizes, including a wide range of sizing options up to 210,000 gallons. Flexible tanks have also been designed from multiple fabrics to accommodate various storage requirements, including the storage of non-potable water, various types of fuel (diesel or Jet A), and more. For more information on these tanks, please feel free to check out the following pages:

How to Receive Pricing on Flexible Tanks

For pricing information on any of our flexible tanks, including the 1000 gallon model featured here, please feel free to contact us through any of the methods listed below:

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Flexible Tanks and Sizing Options

One of the many advantages to use flexible tanks is their ability to meet a wide range of sizing requirements, including custom sizing jobs. If you do not see the sizing you require, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding the specific sizing requirements for your site.