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1600 Gallon Water Trailer

Large Capacity Sprayer for Water Storage and Transport

1600 gallon water trailerLooking for a large capacity water trailer that can go the distance? Built for durability and ease-of-use, we've designed the Argo 1600 Gallon Water Trailer for you. Made here in the USA, our Argo trailers are built with craftsmanship. Choose from the wide selection of features to customize your water trailer to specifically fit your job site's needs.

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Water Tank Trailer Features

  • Easy-wind drop-foot jack
  • Lockable storage box mounted to the trailer decking
  • Steel Diamond Tread Fenders withw/ Access Steps
  • Galvanized Spray Bar with Brass Nozzles; 25' Swath
  • Stake Pocket Tie Downs

1600 Gallon Water Trailer Benefits

1600 Gallon Water Trailer Top LidWith large storage capacity, durable construction, and a wide selection of customizable features, the Argo 1600 Gallon Water Trailer is popular for use in construction, emergency response, forest fire protection, and arenas. The Argo is also used as a water trailer for irrigation and agricultural use.

Argo trailers are quality-built, customizable water trailers; you can select the features that you need. Listed above are many of the common features. For a full list of options, please see: Argo Water Trailer Specifications (PDF).

Built to Last: The rugged base for this large capacity water trailer is designed for a long-life of active use. It consists of a heavy-duty 6" channel iron frame with 3" channel cross-members, 16" on center. The entire frame is protected with primed 2-coat rust-resistant enamel. This heavy duty trailer is supported by 3 axels with slipper spring suspension. The axels are rated to 7,000 lbs. GVWR each, with a total rating for the Argo 1600 Gallon Water Trailer of 20,000 GVWR. Also included are 16" on 8 lug silver radial tires and EZ Lube hubs.

DOT Features: A complete set of "road-ready" DOT compliant features is available for use in the safe towing of large capacity water trailer loads on public roadways. Selected specifically to satisfy DOT specifications, these components include: electric brakes and switches, LED brake lights (front and rear), heavy duty safety chains, and an emergency breakaway system.
Note: Some of the DOT Features are optional, and only required if you plan to take the 1600 gallon water trailer on public roadways.

Water Sprayer Trailer Honda MotorPower and Dependability: Whether filling or discharging the 1,625 gallon UV stabilized polyethylene tank, you can count on the 5.5 HP Honda Engine and 2" Pump for reliable performance in the field. Strategically placed valves allow easy access and control of the water flow. No need to hunt around for instructions. Instructions for use are mounted on the water trailer's decking for easy reference.

3 Ways to Fill, 3 Ways to Spray: Fill your tank efficiently with convenient and quick-fill features, including a quick fill kit (for use with high pressure sources), and a suction fill kit (strainer and fire hydrant adapter). Discharge your water trailer's tank using the fire hose provided for targeted spraying, adjustable swath (mounted) spray-bar (for broad dispersal), or hose bibb (for lighter spraying). Inlet and outlet manifolds are provided for easy access on each side of the trailer.

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Customizable Water Trailer Options

Customizable Water Trailer PipingWith Argo, you can build your 1600 gallon water trailer to your specifications. Below, you'll find just a few of the additional customization options. If you have specific functionality that you need, but don't see here, please ask us! As the manufacturer, we build each custom water trailer to fit the customer's specifications. With Argo, the sky is the limit. We'll work together with you to find a solution.

Solid Decking
The standard package for the Argo 1600 Gallon Water Trailer consists of a 10 foot Straight Deck; comprised of 2" Pressure Treated Wood Planks w/ 3" Cross Members Every 24". Diamond Plate decking is available upon request. While full-decking is recommended for better functionality and extending the life of your tank, you may also choose partial-decking or even to decline the use of decking for your trailer.

Durable Poly Tank
A variety of liquid-safe coatings are available, including potable and non-potable, as well as several choices of tank colors. Translucent white is the standard tank color provided, unless otherwise requested. In addition to the 1600 gallon water trailer, we also manufacture Argo Water Trailers in 500 Gallon, and 1,000 Gallon sizes.

Powerful Engine
If you need more (or less) power, just ask. Additional engine and pump options are available upon request.

Water Trailer Accessories
Spare tire and mount, hose extensions, and more.

With the Argo Water Trailer's quality workmanship, custom features, and superior details, we want Argo to be your "go-to" water trailer. Call us today and see why!

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