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2,000 Gallon Flexible Tank for Water Storage

Non-Potable Flexible Water Bag

flexible gray water tanks GEI Works' 2000 gallon collapsible water bag is built for storage of non-potable water. These tanks feature a flexible exterior that is equipped to handle gray water materials such as process water, spray water, production water, rainwater water and various other utility water supplies.

  • Capacity: 2000 gallons
  • Typical Dimensions: 126" x 174" x 22" H
  • Typical Fittings: (2) 2" bulkhead fittings with nipples and caps

The 2000 gallon Flexible Tanks are an easy and flexible choice for water storage around your location. Often implemented as water storage for construction sites, facilities, industrial locations and various other non-potable water applications, these tanks are quick to setup, low in profile, and economical to ship or move from one location to the next when empty.

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The Flexible Water Tank is available in almost any size ranging for 25 to 210,000 gallons. For pricing on the 2000 gallon tank or any other tank size, please feel free to request a quote.

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