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Steel Diesel Storage Tanks (25 to 250,000 gallons)

FAQ: What tanks are safe for transporting diesel fuel?

Question: I need to tranport diesel fuel, and am considering your 40 gallon diesel tanks. Does this tank meet safety requirements for the storage of diesel fuel? Do you have other options also?

Answer: I would be happy to suggest some options. If you have any drawings or specifications that you could /email over for them to work with, it can help us find exactly what you need. We could even look into some customized options!

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There are three different tanks that come to mind as possibilities. We have a huge line of flexible fuel tanks. They are are manufactured specifically for static/stationary fuel storage. Sizes range from as small as 25 gallons to large 250,000 gallon capacity units. They are rugged and are made from durable industrial fabrics suitable for exposure to the elements.

steel storage tanksWe also have steel tanks available. The skid tank is ideal for portable storage using the integral runners. The skids keep the tank stabilized and maintain a fixed elevation during movement. Two Styles of Skids Offered: up to 1500 gallons/skids manufactured from steel angle and 1500+ gallons/skids manufactured from steel pipe.

One final tank that could be another option is our mobile tank. It has been designed around BDH Tanks and built to UL-142 standards, but provides superior mobility. It is 100% product compatible and is an economical way to transport motor fuel, lubricants and liquid wastes. The storage tank design is derived from the 300, 500 and 1,00 gallon BDH Tanks.