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5000 Gallon Tank for Water Storage

Question: I am in need of a 5000 gallon water tank to store drinking water. I was looking on your site and wondering what kind of options are available for storing water in this size. I started off looking at flexible tanks, but thought maybe there was another option available as well.

Answer: For storage of that size there are actually a couple of different options you could consider depending on your storage location and the type of tank that will fit in the area. Some of the most common options include the following:

fiberglass tanks steel storage tanks flexible water tanks
Fiberglass Tanks Steel Storage Tanks Flexible Water Tanks

Flexible Storage Tanks

flexible water tanksAs you have mentioned, the flexible storage tanks are a great choice for temporary drinking water storage in your location. Made with interior fabrics that have been FDA and NSF 61 approved for potable water, these tanks are the perfect way to keep items stored in height restricted locations. Features include:

  • 2" Fill with Cap
  • Flexible & Robust Fabrics
  • NSF 61 and FDA Rated Interior Fabrics
  • Foldable when Empty

Most flexible tank sizes sit at a height of under 5 feet for storage in crawl spaces, basements or other locations.

Fiberglass Water Tanks

fiberglass tanksAnother favorite for drinking water storage in your location are the fiberlgass water tanks. Made from a high resistance fiberglass material, these tanks are designed to withstand cracks, dents, leaks and other damage to the tank. Similar to steel tanks, these storage units are coated with an interior lining that is FDA and NSF 61 approved for drinking water. Features include:

  • Robust Fiberglass Exterior
  • Drinking Water Approved Interior
  • Fittings

Fiberglass tanks are some of the most robust storage tanks available and are widely used in industrial, residential and other locations that require high strength water storage.

Steel Storage Tanks

steel storage tanksIn addition to the tanks listed above, we also offer several steel above ground and underground tanks that can be used to store water in your location. Steel tanks are a classic way to store water and are available with several different coatings including interior potable water grade lining.

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