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Fire Fighting Water Tanks

Customer was looking for an above ground water tank for fire fighting. They were looking to store around 12,000 gallons and wondered what options were available for this type of water storage.

Fire Fighting Water Tanks

For fire fighting efforts, there are several different tanks to consider to help store, contain, and use water during fire fighting efforts. For tanks in that size, there are two main styles that are commonly used for these types of efforts: the frame tank and the onion tank.

Folding Frame Tank

Folding Frame TankA favorite for fire fighting efforts is the Folding Frame Tank. This tank features an open style design that allow for fire fighters to quickly and easily fill the tank with water. In addition, tanks can also be folded up and placed in trucks and vehicles for quick transport to fires in rural locations. While standard sizes of these tanks go up to 5,000 gallons, our team can certainly check with our facilities to see if a larger tank option can be made.

Typical features for the frame tank will include the following:

  • High Strength Inner Liner
  • Large Capacities starting from 500 gallons
  • Multiple Fitting Options
  • Aluminum or Steel Frames

Frame tanks are designed to be folded up and moved to locations as needed.

Onion Tanks

onion water tanksAnother option you could consider for your fire fighting efforts is the Onion Water Tank. This tank is made in an onion-style design that features an open top and wider bottom. Tanks can be wider with low side walls or higher with high side walls. Typical capacities include sizes up to 20,000 gallons for bulk water storage.

Features for the onion tank include the following:

  • Reliable Fabric Material
  • Fittings
  • Bulk Storage Capacities
  • Low Side or High Side Walls

For more information on an above ground water tank for fire fighting, please check out our Above Ground Water Tank for Fire Fighting Page.

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