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Above Ground Fiberglass Storage Tanks

FAQ: Do you carry 30,000 gallon above-ground fiberglass tanks?

above ground tanksQuestion: Hello. I am looking for 30,000 gallon above ground fiberglass tanks. I am looking for this type of tank to hold water in a job I am bidding. Do you have tanks like this available?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For above ground water storage, we do offer fiberglass tanks that can be used to store water materials in above ground storage locations. These Above Ground Water Storage Tanks are made from the durable fiberglass material and are built with resins that specifically match the type of material you are looking to store. For instance, if your job required storage of a chemical-based liquid or water material, resins would be built into your tank with the ability to resist several different chemical materials.

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Fiberglass Tank Features

Features on the fiberglass tank are designed to offer strength to your above ground storage and include several different items to help with process including:

  • Fiberglass Material Construction
  • UV Filtration
  • Dome Top Design
  • Multiple Available Resins
  • Light Weight Construction
  • High Chemical & Outdoor Element Resistances
  • Many Sizes Available

Our standard size Fiberglass Tanks are available in sizes up to 8,600 gallons. However, if you have specifications for your tank, please don't hesitate to send them through to us so we can build your tank to your specifications. Fiberglass is a highly flexible material that can be built to several different requirements.

Benefits to using this type of storage include a high resistance to rust, corrosion, and chemicals as well as resistance from denting, cracking, leaking, and more.

Fiberglass water tanks are made in several different designs including a closed top basin, an above ground dome, and an underground storage tank. Fiberglass septic tanks are also available to help with storage of waste or septic materials.

Other Storage Tank Options

collapsible tanksIn addition to above ground fiberglass tanks, we also offer several above ground water storage tank options including a collapsible tank that is designed to successfully store large quantities of water in the same location.

Collapsible tanks are made from a durable outer material and have been built to store quantities up to 210,000 gallons. When compared to a more rigid tank, the collapsible tank adds ease and flexibility to your storage, allowing tanks to have a low profile and be shipped to your location completely empty. This can save you in shipping costs as tanks can be rolled up and placed in your location.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.