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Spill Berm Ground Liners

Compression Pads, Berm Liners, and Other Spill Berm Accessories

berm with ground linerWorking to provide you with long-lasting spill containment, all of our spill containment products are available with a range of accessories that includes compression pads, berm liners, fittings, storage bags, and track runners. While all of these components can be successfully added into your system, some of the most frequently used products are the ground liners and compression pads. Available for use separately or on their own, these berm liners protect against abrasion and heat to provide a long-term, reliable containment system.

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Ground Liners

Similar to liners for tanks, the berm ground liner is made from a robust PVC material that helps to strengthen the surrounding area and protect against abrasion. Liners are designed to extend underneath and around your berm to add an extra layer of fabric between the bottom of the berm and the concrete, asphalt, or soil. Implementation of these liners, especially in drive through applications, can help strengthen your berm by providing a first layer of defense directly underneath the berm.


  • 22 oz. PVC Material
  • Sizing Based on the Your Berm

Compression Pads

For additional protection against heat, compression pads (also known as geo pads) are also available for use underneath and around your berm. These pads are constructed from a high strength geotextile fabric that works to protect the bottom of the berm from heat. Often used on asphalt or other areas that are directly in the sun, these pads can be used under the liner or under the berm as an added barrier for your berm.


  • 8 oz. Non Woven Geotextiles
  • Sized Based on the Berm
  • Additional Weights and Fabrics Available

You might also consider Berm Tread Guards to protect and extend the life of your spill containment berm.

Where Can the Berm Ground Liner be Used?

While liners can be implemented in a range of locations where added protection from the ground or heat is required, these fabrics are most commonly used in combination with our spill containment berms. These products are part of our secondary spill containment product line and includes all the following models:

See all our available Berm Accessories (PDF).

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.