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Flexible Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks for Frac Tank Operations

GEI Works Supplies Flexible Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks for Fracking Operations

Press Release: "Portable Tanks, a division of GEI Works supplies Flexible Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks for Fracking Operations"

Sebastian, FL, November 7, 2011----Potable Tank Group recently supplied flexible bulk liquid storage tanks to help with water storage during fracking operations. With the changing times, many customers are looking for innovative ways to store large quantities of brine water, process water, and even fuel on their site. Helping meet the challenges of large capacity liquid storage, Portable Tank Group has been supplying large collapsible tanks to companies across the world.

Recently, several large collapsible pillow tanks were sent out to Canada to help with production on their site. Tanks included capacities up to with 150,000 gallons (approximately 3571 barrels) for storing water during fracking operations. These larger capacities greatly reduce the amount of frac tanks required and can offer huge savings in liquid storage.

Collapsible tanks are a flexible product that can be used to store many liquids including potable water, gray water, process water, brine water, chemical based solutions, and even fuel. These tanks can be built to store anywhere from 130 to 265,000 gallons of liquid in a single tank. Where the lead times for 500 bbl steel frac tanks can be over sixteen weeks, the lead time for a collapsible tank not in stock is two weeks per 210,000 gallon (approximately 5000 barrels).

Flexible tanks have been used in a wide range of applications including in the mining industry. Here tanks have been implemented to help store process water in areas where time is critical or where the usage is so temporary that an investment in infrastructure would not be worthwhile.

Like steel tanks, flexible collapsible water, fuel and frac tanks also require secondary containment. Portable Tanks, a division of GEI Works has supplied secondary containment for tanks and pipes with products such as portable spill berms and liners that fit under and around tanks, under leaking pipes, and along pits to help prevent liquid from causing contamination to your area.

President Mark Wilkie states, In an industry as old as the fracking, oil and mining industry, where you have proven systems and tools used since centuries, it is exciting to see a new product like our flexible collapsible brine and process water tanks getting so well accepted. For sure, the benefit of these flexible storage tanks is in their transportation efficiency and availability. If you are looking for an economical product used for temporary liquid storage, these fast set up flexible brine water tanks are perfect for any oil, gas or mining project!

For more information on these collapsible tanks can be used for oil, gas, or fracking jobs, please check out our Frac Tanks Page.


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