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Water Storage for Industrial Applications

bulk storage tanksMany industries require bulk storage tanks to help them store large quantities of water on site during their operations.For the reason, we offer a variety of different tank styles including polyethylene and collapsible units.

These tanks have been used to store different variations of water including:

    • Gray water
    • Brine water
    • Black water
    • Drinking water

For more plastic storage tanks, you can also check out our Plastic Water Storage Tanks Page.

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Plastic Bulk Storage Tanks

vertical storage tankThe plastic bulk storage tank is made from the polyethylene material and has been used to store up to 15,000 gallons of materials. Its high resistance to chemicals has made it well equipped to handle different types of liquids including brine and gray water.

Features include:

  • Covered Top
  • Flat Bottom
  • High Resistance to Chemicals
  • Linear Polyethylene Construction (Crosslinked also available)

Collapsible Tank

These collapsible water tanks have been used many of the following industrial and commercial companies to provide large quantity water storage right on site:vertical tanks

  • Mining Operations
  • Rural Construction Sites with limited access to water
  • Emergency Relief Aid to drought stricken areas
  • Infrastructure Building
  • Military
  • Oil and Gas Operations

Advantages of Collapsible Bulk Storage Tanks

One of the biggest advantages to the water storage bladder is its flexible nature, both in design and in operation. As a collapsible unit, these tanks offer many qualities that a more rigid structure could not provide. Some of these qualities include:vertical storage tank

  • Lies Flat when Empty: The collapsible tank is designed to fill up as it is filled with liquid. This means that when the unit it empty, it can save you in
    • Shipping Costs (rolls up for smaller shipping profile)
    • Time (easier to move and faster to install on your site)

    Can be made in Different Styles: Some locations or jobs require a tank that is low to the ground, while other need a visible tank with a high profile. Due it is flexible exterior, these bulk storage tanks can be made to match the application you require.

  • Multiple Materials for Construction: Collapsible tanks can be made from several different materials depending on your application. Typically the tanks are designed for either
    • Drinking Water Storage: FDA and NSF approved materials
    • Brine/Gray/Black water Storage
    • Fuel/Chemical Storage: Rugged for demanding liquid storage
  • Deploys Fast: Many sites require tanks that can provide them with large quantities of water fast. These tanks are easy to set up, allowing you to get your tanks sooner and start your project faster.

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Typical Large Water Tank Specifications


210,000 US gallons (800,000 liters)

Dimensions (filled)
75' x 73' x 6' high
Weight (empty)
5300 pounds
Polyurethane reinforced with Nylon
Wooden Export Crate 192" x 72" x 58" high
Four 6" camlock ports for fill/discharge Two 2" flange for drain One 2" passive vent with flame arrestor
Four 6" x 12' fill/ discharge hose Four 6" valves Two 2" x 10' drain hoses One 2" ball valve One repair kit One set spares
*Table shows typical specifications. Additional Sizes are Available! (MSDS may be required for complete compatibility)

bulk storage tanksThe table above shows some of the typical specifications for our larger bladder tanks. Sizes are also available with capacities ranging anywhere from 25 to 210,000 gallons.

When used in certain applications, these collapsible tanks can be lined up next to each other in a depot style setting (seen to right).