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Collapsible Diesel Fuel Tanks for Generators

FAQ: What tank is best for storing 100-400 gallons of diesel?

Question: Hello. I am looking for collapsible diesel fuel tanks for generators. I am looking to store anywhere from 100 to 400 gallons. Would you happen to have anything in this size available?

diesel fuel tanks for generatorsAnswer: We offer collapsible diesel fuel tanks that come in the approximate range you have specified, and can be used for the storage of diesel fuel. These collapsible tanks offer low-level storage that is reliable and equipped to handle outdoor conditions such as sunlight exposure and inclement weather. Collapsible tanks are designed specifically for stationary fuel storage and should not be used in transportation applications.

For additional options for both static and portable or transit tanks for generator fuel storage, read about our Portable Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks.

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Flexible fuel tanks are designed for the storage of harsher materials, such as diesel fuel, are typically constructed using either a urethane, rubber, or polymer alloy coated fabric. These materials are resistant to the nature of fuel and can be used to successfully store these liquids in your are.

Other features used for these collapsible units include:

Fittings: Fittings are available in the standard sizes of 3/4" through 2". However, if you require additional size fittings, such as 4" or 6", these fittings are also available upon request.

Fitting Materials: Fittings are made using aluminum, stainless steel, and polypropylene materials with camlock or threaded fittings to accomodate fuel hoses. These items typically include:

  • Ball Valves
  • Pressure Relief Vent with Fame Arrestors

Capacities: These flexible storage units offer capacities from 25 gallons to 210,000 gallons. Flexible in their design, tanks are often made to fit specific area or site specifications.


When compared to other storage tank options, collapsible diesel fuel tanks for generators have many advantages that help to make storage hassle-free. Some of these benefits include:

  • flexible fuel tankLow Profile: These collapsible tanks feature a low profile that has allowed them to be used in crawl spaces and other tight locations.
  • Lower Shipping Costs: Unlike steel or other rigid material tanks, these collapsible units can be folded or rolled up when empty. This dramatically lowers your shipping costs, saving you money.
  • Fast Setup: The collapsible tank offers a fast setup time that has helped tanks to be deployed in emergency situations.


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