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Drive Through Spill Berms

Vehicles Drive Right onto the Berm Containment Area

Drive Through Spill Berms are a combination berm that features rigid aluminum angle walls and drive through foam ends. Often used under vehicles or machinery that requires an increased containment capacity, these berms offer a standard wall with of 1 ft. to accommodate larger potential spill requirements. Similar to our Foam Wall Berms, the drive through berm offers a foam end wall that allows vehicles to drive directly over the wall and into the containment area.

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Drive Through Berm Applications:

Drive Rated Spill Berms Technical Specifications

Typical Liner Materials Length Width Height Capacity

XR-5 (or equivalent), PVC, Polyurethane (Additional Materials Available, please ask!)

10' (3 m) 10' (3 m) 1' (0.305 m) 748 gal. (2,831 L)
12' (3.7 m) 12' (3.7 m) 1' (0.305 m) 1,077 gal. (4,077 L)
12' (3.7 m) 26' (7.9 m) 1' (0.305 m) 2,334 gal. (8,835 L)
12' (3.7 m) 50' (15.2 m) 1' (0.305 m) 3,232 gal. (12,234 L)
14' (4.3 m) 54' (16.5 m) 1' (0.305 m) 4,488 gal. (16,989 L)
14' (4.27 m) 54' (16.46 m) 1' (0.305 m) 5,655 gal. (21,406 L)
15' (4.57 m) 50' (15.24 m) 1' (0.305 m) 5,610 gal. (21,236 L)
15' (4.57 m) 66' (20.12 m) 1' (0.305 m) 7,406 gal. (28,035 L)

Creation of these drive through style berms include several different components to help the berm maintain its strength during drive through operations. Components of the berm include industrial, high-strength fabrics, aluminum angle side walls, and drive over foam wall ends. This allows walls to be structured firmly around your berm, while still providing a drive through option along the ends.

For more information on this drive through option, please check out the following pages:

Drive Through Berm Information

Similar to our other spill containment berms, these units are built using high strength fabrics including PVC, XR-5, Polyurethane, or similar materials. If there is a specific material or liquid you need to store, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will work to provide you with the best option for your containment requirements. Depending on the liquid you need to store, different fabrics may work better than others at containing your materials. Fabrics are available with a resistance to any of the following:

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Chemicals

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Other Spill Berms

In addition to these drive through berms AA, we also offer several other berms with the drive through ability. These secondary containment products include items with air, foam and even water filled walls. Please browse through the selection below:

  • spill containment bermsFoam Wall Berms: Foam wall berms are perfect for vehicle and machinery containment and can be quickly driven over. Once in place, these berms can easily collect and contain materials.
  • Aluminum Angle Spill Berms: The aluminum angle berm is our most rigid containment structure and is designed for containment around vehicles, tanks, and more. Features aluminum angle brackets that are inserted into the sides of berms.

Related Products

Other products used to help contain spills, chemicals, tanks, and other products include:

All of our secondary containment are designed to help customers stay in compliance with spill containment and hazardous material storage regulations. Keeping these products on hand can help with spill response or quick containment under leaks. When used for storage, berms have also helped sites maintain 110% secondary containment capacity for their stored materials.


Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.