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Drought In The USA

Immediate Water Supply

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Sebastian, FL, As the drought in USA continues, many residents, farmers, and emergency response teams are experiencing a critical need for water supply to their crops, livestock and homes. With these fires and dry spells hitting areas that are often widespread or hard to reach, portable water tanks such as the frame, onion, and collapsible tank can be a huge asset.

Well experienced in liquid storage solutions, Water Storage Tanks is committed to providing these areas with economical, portable, and fast rising storage tanks. These tanks features multi-purpose designs that have been implemented for fast water supply, bulk water storage, and even as feeders for livestock.

When quick setup times are essential, tanks such as the self-rising onion tank and folding frame tank are ideal. These flexible tanks are known for storing large quantities of water and have often been used by fire fighters and other fast response teams. These tanks transport flat so they can be moved quickly in emergencies.

A new addition to this lineup is the ready to deploy Go Tank. Similar in design, these tanks feature a rigid circular structure surrounded by thick materials. This forms a large open top cylindrical tank that can be filled quickly with need liquids. Go tanks are one of the most economical ways to bring large supplies of water to needed areas.

Portable Tank Group also specializes in meeting bulk liquid storage needs. For these kinds of applications, tanks such as the low-profile collapsible pillow tank fit in height restricted areas to collect rainwater, store water, and provide a reservoir for use in emergency situations.

Water Storage Tanks owner, Mark Wilkie, commented, With a country as large as the USA, you can have one area facing horrible droughts and another area dealing with terrifying floods all at the same time. Unfortunately, right now the drought in USA has really affected Texas, Oklahoma, and parts of New Mexico, Kansas, and Louisiana. With drought intensities up in their highest numbers, providing water for livestock consumption and fire protection is the main focus. Water Storage Tanks is proud to support the affected areas with a variety of collapsible, emergency and quick erect tanks for immediate usage.



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