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Fiberglass Underground Storage Tanks

fiberglass underground tankFiberglass underground tanks are some of our most versatile and frequently used fiberglass storage tanks. Built from the robust fiberglass material, these tanks are equipped for both liquid and underground storage conditions.

Fiberglass Underground Tanks are built in several sizes to meet the demands of various storage requirements. Common sizes include 2500 gallon tanks, 5000 gallons and even 10,000 gallons. Larger sizes up to 20,000 gallons can be built, so please do not hesitate to ask for our larger storage vessels.

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Common Questions Regarding Underground Storage

underground fiberglass tanksWhen dealing with underground storage, customers will frequently ask about the tanks ability to be stored in specific underground locations.

Some of the most common questions regarding underground fiberglass tanks include the following:

  1. How far under the surface can these tanks be buried?
  2. Answer: Standard construction of these tanks allows the tank to be buried up to 3 feet below the ground surface. Tanks that can be buried in depths over 3 feet are also available upon request.

  3. Are the tanks drive rated?

    Answer: While standard tanks are not drive-rated, underground tanks are able to built to drive rated requirements. Please let us know if you require this feature, and we will be sure to quote you on a unit that is equipped for these requirements.

Fiberglass storage is one of the easiest and most effective ways to store potable and non-potable water. For more information, including typical sizing options, please check out our Fiberglass Underground Storage Tanks.

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