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Flexible Water Tank for Roof Crawl Space

Need a flexible tank for livestock watering? You're not alone! Learn more about the flexible water tank and how it can successfully store water in tight spaces and locations.


I am looking for a flexible tank I can fit in a roof crawl space but unfortunately the doors into it are 48" wide by 39" tall. I was hoping to store 3000 / 4000 gallons or a multiple of bags to hold that amount. The Tank would be holding water for livestock watering.


Hello, and thank you for contacting us with your inquiry. You came to the right place! We have a large variety of flexible pillow tank options. They are cost effective for storing all kinds of liquid over short periods or for many years indoors and outdoors and range in size from as small as 25 gallons to 250,000 gallons plus.

gray water tanksThe nature of the collapsible tank makes it easy to use, even in your unique situation. One of the best advantages of a collapsible tank is its ability to be easily folded up when it is empty. This will easily allow the flexible tank to fit through your designated storage areas.

After placing it in the crawl space and unfolding it, then it can be pumped and filled. If our standard sizes cannot fit inside your crawl space, we can custom manufacture the flexible tank to meet your space needs.

Depending on what type of livestock watering you are planning on doing, different fabrics may work better than others. For agricultural purposes, customers typically use one of our Gray Water Pillow Tanks. These units are made from a general water-compatible fabric that can be used to store all types of non-potable liquids.

If you are needing something that can later be used as drinking water, we also offer several additional fabrics that are NSF 61 and FDA approved for safe drinking water storage. The flexible tank for livestock watering is designed to safely store your potable water, brining no additional harm to your stored liquids.

All of our flexible tanks are manufactured from first grade materials and all provided with a certificate of fitness upon request. Each tank is warranted for a period of 1 year for workmanship and materials (full warranty details available on request) and certified for storage of approved liquids (an MSDS may be required to ensure complete compatibility).

For pricing information on a flexible tank for livestock watering, please feel free to Request a Price Quote. Don't hesitate to contact our tech team for further questions at +1-772-646-0597.