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Folding Frame Tanks

The Folding Frame Tank is an open top tank designed to hold from 500 to 5,000 gallons of water. Extremely easy to move, fill, and empty, these frame tanks provide a reliable water supply option for any location. Popularly used as a fire fighting water tank, simply unfold the frame tank and it's ready for use! These collapsible water tanks can be used for stationary water storage, for nonpotable water (drinking water storage), or for emergency water supply. Watch a product video that shows how it works.

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Frame Tank Applications

Folding Frame Tank Information

USA madeStandard foldable water tanks feature a folding steel or aluminum frame with an interior liner. The fabric of the liner will depend on the liquid you will store.

Frame Tank Specifications

Capacity Deployed Size Single Folded Steel Frame (Weight lbs.) Aluminum Frame (Weight lbs.)
500 gal (1893 liters) 5'8" x 5'8" x 29" 7" x 5'8" x 29" 90 68
750 gal (2839 liters) 7' x 7' x 29" 7" x 7' x 29" 97 79
1000 gal (3785 liters) 8'3" x 8'3" x 29" 7" x 8'3" x 29" 116 96
1500 gal (5678 liters) 10'3" x 10'3" x 29" 7" x 10'3" x 29" 138 109
2100 gal (7949 liters) 11'3" x 11'3" x 29" 7" x 11'3" x 29" 154 124
2500 gal (9464 liters) 12'3" x 12'3" x 29" 7" x 12'3" x 29" 169 135
3000 gal (11,356 liters) 13'3" x 13'3" x 29" 7" x 13'3" x 29" 185 149
3500 gal (13,249 liters) 14'3" x 14'3" x 29" 7" x 14'3" x 29" 205 167
4000 gal (15,142 liters) 15'3" x 15'3" x 29" 7" x 15'3" x 29" 223 178
5000 gal (18,927 liters) 17'3" x 17'3" x 29" 7" x 17'3" x 29" 269 215
Product Flyer (PDF) Installation Instructions (PDF)


Please Note: The recommended contact time is a guide only. It implies, at that stage, some of the mechanical
properties could start to change. All is depending on care, storage, weather conditions, etc. Many customers have
used products recommended for 90 days for more than 2 years without problems.

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open top frame tank

Product Flyer


Open Top Tank Benefits

  • Minimal Required Storage Space
  • Light in Weight
  • Rigid Outer Frame Structure
  • Open Top for Fast Filling
  • Durable to Withstand Outdoor Elements
  • Easy to Transport
  • Minimal Effort to Set Up
  • Great as a Collapsible Tank to Raise Fish

Technical Specifications

  • Liner: Heavy-Duty PVC Liner. Fabrics can be potable water grade, if needed. folding frame tank
  • Capacities: 500 to 5,000 gallons
  • Fittings: Aluminum, polypropylene, camlock, and storz
  • Frames: Aluminum or Steel - Aluminum frames are lighter in weight making them ideal for transportation.

Portable tanks easily connect to each other with common fittings and have quick release water spouts to enable the tanks to be drained quickly. Quick set up makes these tanks idea for emergency water supply, breeding fish, raising frogs or endangered frogs. View our Frame Tank Fittings page for more information.

Fire Fighting Frame Tanks & Fire Suppression

One of the most common uses for the folding water tank is for areas and applications that require quick sfire fighting frame tanketup times and easy transportation. Due to their easily collapsible frame, these tanks are folded and moved
via fire truck to forests and other locations where water is limited. Once on site, these tanks can be easily carried and deployed in a matter of minutes. This allows them to be quickly
filled by helicopter, water bowser, or fire truck. Learn more about Folding Frame Tanks for Fire Suppression.

Secondary Containment: As a specialist in liquid storage, we also offer a range of containment options to assist in spill response, spill containment or decontamination efforts. While our folding tanks are often used for this purpose, we also offer additional options for Tank Containment and Decontamination.

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