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Ground Cloth

The Ground Cloth is a Vinyl or PVC fabric liner placed underneath the tank to protect the tank against abrasion and help extend the tank's lifespan. Perfect for tanks stored in almost any location, including under decks, outdoors or in industrial facilities, these liners sit underneath your tank to provide a layer of protection between the tank and the ground. This helps to elevate your tank storage by protecting the unit from ground moisture, soiling and general wear and tear.

Ground Cover Information

The ground cover or cloth is typically constructed from a vinyl or PVC coated fabric to protect against abrasion. Liners can be used under almost any tank style, but are most commonly used under flexible pillow tanks.

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  • ground clothEconomical
  • Fits Easily Underneath Tanks, Tents & Above Ground Pools
  • Creates a First Layer of Defense
  • Protects Tanks from Ground Moisture, Soiling & Wear
  • Extends the Longevity of your Tank
  • Prevents Exposure of Tank to Ground Surfaces
  • Light Weight and Easy to Setup

Technical Specifications

Fabrics: The materials used to create these liners include either a coated PVC or Vinyl fabric. These fabrics are available in several fabric sizes including 10 oz, 18 oz, 22 oz, and 30 oz. This can work to match the liquid stored inside your tank, adapt to the weight of your storage tank, or deal with the elements found in the ground.

Sizing: Ground tarps can be made to almost any length or width and typically built to specifications that match your storage area or fit your containment tank. As a standard, these ground cloths are typically made to operate as an oversized perimeter and are built one foot (1 ft.) larger than the size of the product placed on top of the cover.

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Similar to a collapsible tank, the ground cover is a highly versatile product and can be placed on a wide range of surfaces to protect your item and prevent abrasion. Different uses for this tank include:

foam wall containment bermsIn addition to this protection liner, we also offer several Containment Berms that can be used as secondary containment under fuel tanks, liquid storage tanks and more. Containment spill berms feature an economical liner with containment walls to temporarily store liquids in the event of a spill. Berms are available in foam wall, aluminum angle wall and drive through wall models. For more information, check out our Spill Containment Berms.