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Cistern Basics and Types

FAQ: How does a cistern work? Are there different styles?

Question: how does a cistern work and what type cistern tanks should be used?

Answer: Thank you for contacting Portable Tanks, a division of GEI Works with your inquiry. Cistern LinerHow does a cistern work? Cisterns are used for rainwater collection and harvesting in the basement of homes or buildings but also outside. In this way residents but also commercial customers can save on city water costs and use rain water for water conservation.

Cistern liners and cistern water tanks are ideal if you have an existing concrete cistern but it isn't functional anymore or the concrete walls are ripped or have broken pores.

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Collapsible cistern tanks offer the benefit that they fit in the smallest niches and can be brought in through small open holes of closed up concrete cisterns. Manufactured from tank material FDA and NSF 61 compliant for potable water use, they are ideal when a large water capacity is needed but the tank has to fit custom dimensions.

This type of flexible cistern tank is often used for drinking water storage for remote locations or where fresh and clean potable water isn't easy accessible.

Our cistern storage tanks, made of durable and tough material, can be built in low profiles to fit underneath decks or high profiles for existing concrete tanks.Collapsible Tank Used As Cistern

The tank will be manufactured in flat dimensions and shipped folded up. Arriving at the final destination the residential or commercial customer only has to unfold the collapsible tanks as far as it has to fit to the existing hole used to bring in the cistern tank or to totally unfold it in an open existing concrete cistern.

After the cistern storage tank is unfolded it can be used for rainwater collection. To use it as a drinking water storage a water filter system, connected between rainwater collection and collapsible cistern tank is needed.

Hope this information above helps better to understand how does a cistern work and what tank options could work the best.

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