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How to Clean a Corrugated Water Tank

Periodic Cleaning Ensures Safe Storage of Water

bolted storage tanksPeriodic cleaning of corrugated water tanks is important for ensuring safe water storage. In fact, governmental health organizations commonly recommend cleaning water tanks once a year or more. How often steel corrugated tanks need to be cleaned will be determined by a number of factors, including: how secure the storage compartment of the tank is from the outside environment, the condition of the tank and liner, and the quality of the water stored.

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How to Clean a Steel Corrugated Water Tank

bolted steel panel tanksLearning how to clean a corrugated water tank is simpler than you might think. First, determine whether the tank needs to be sanitized, or whether it needs to be fully cleaned. Sanitizing a water storage tank is a simple and fast process. However, fully cleaning the interior of the steel corrugated tank is the best way to address removing sediment build-up and corrosion within the tank itself.

Please note: The guidelines for cleaning steel corrugated water tanks listed here are general recommendations, and do not address special coatings, linings, or other styles of tanks. We recommend that you check your manufacturer's maintenance guide and warranty declaration prior to cleaning your water tank, to ensure that you are meeting any requirements unique to your tank's specifications or coatings. Safety is also an important consideration when cleaning a corrugated water tank. For additional information on how to safely access confined spaces, as well working safely at heights, see:

Visit the Corrugated Tank Maintenance page for more information.

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How to Clean Corrugated Tank Liners

bolted steel panel tanksUse the instructions below to sanitize and clean your Corrugated Water Tank Liners provided by Water Storage Tanks . If properly installed and maintained, your tank liner will provide you with many years of service. Cleaning can often be done through the manway, without entering the tank cavity. However, if necessary, tank liners can tolerate light foot traffic, provided no shoes are worn. Foot traffic must be barefoot or in light stockings. For your safety, do not use electric lights or power equipment inside the tank.

Steps for Cleaning Corrugated Tank Liners:

  1. Empty the water tank.
  2. Inspect the tank liner for damage or signs of wear, and address, if needed.
  3. Gently brush or lightly pressure-spray the liner.
  4. Drain the tank of resulting water and any silt collected at the bottom of the tank.
  5. Rinse the tank liner and drain the tank again.

Steps for Disinfecting Steel Corrugated Tank Liners:

  1. Fill the tank with water.
  2. Add chlorine* mixed with water, as recommended for the volume of water storage the tank.
  3. Fill the remainder of the tank with water. Let rest for 24 hours.
  4. Drain the tank through the fixtures, hoses and pumps utilized in general operation to flush them.
  5. Dispose of the chlorine solution following the regulations required for your locality.
  6. Flush the tank by filling it again with clean water, and draining once more. Your tank is then ready for use.

*Caution: Chlorine is both extremely dangerous and toxic when inhaled or applied to exposed areas. Follow the instructions on the chlorine container's label for safe handling and storage of this chemical.

Corrugated Tank Replacement Liners and Repair Kits Available

If you need a replacement liner for your tank, we can help. Water Storage Tanks manufactures custom liners for steel corrugated tanks as an economical solution to extend the tank's life. Our tank liners are built to the size and specifications needed for your storage requirements. Liner repair kits are also available. See the details: Tank Liners

When a replacement liner will no longer do and it is time to replace a steel corrugated tank, we have corrugated water tanks for sale and can help you select the right tank for the job. Installation services are also available too. See our Corrugated Water Tanks for Sale.

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