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Steel Fuel Storage Tanks

Customer was looking for a steel fuel tank for gas station and asked the following question:

Our Band is looking for a gas tank to start up a gas station on the reserve and I'm doing the research for it. I think we were going to go with a couple 500 gallon tanks. What kind of tank do I need?


Thank for your contacting us! We do offer a couple of different options for diesel fuel storage include flexible fuel tanks and steel fuel storage tanks. Since you are looking for something fairly robust, you will probably want to go with one of our Steel Fuel Storage Tanks.

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Steel Fuel Tanks

steel fuel tank for gas stationEquipped for several different storage applications, steel fuel tanks are available in multiple options to meet all your storage requirements. In order to determine the best steel storage tank for your location, we would need to know the following information:

  • Are you looking for an above ground or underground tank?
  • If above ground, are you looking for a vertical or horizontal unit?
  • Does your tank need to have single or double walls?

Once this information has been determined, tanks can be priced based on this information to provide you with the best storage option for your location.

Additional Information

When used for the storage of steel, all of our tanks are designed to meet or exceed the U.S. EPA's regulations for underground storage of petroleum and chemicals. They are also constructed, tested, and labeled in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. standards:

  • UL-58: Standard for Safety Steel Underground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids
  • UL-1746: External Corrosion Protections Systems for Steel Underground Tanks

For more information, check out our Steel Fuel Tank for Gas Station Page.

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