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Large Potable Water Tanks

FAQ: What types of tanks can hold 10,000 gallons of water?

Question: I am looking into large drinking water tanks more than 10,000 gallons in size. What tank options are available for this type of water storage?

Answer: Large water storage tanks are a convenient way to store significant amounts of water in a single storage tank. Offering a wide range of available sizes and styles, we can accommodate both short term and long term storage requirements that may exist for your location. Please feel free to browse through our large tank variety below or give our team a call to discuss your storage requirements.

corrugated steel tanks

steel storage tanks

fiberglass water tanks

pillow tanks

Corrugated Steel Tanks Steel Tanks Fiberglass Tanks Pillow Tanks

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Steel Storage Tanks

The first option for large capacity water storage is Steel Storage Tanks. Available in welded steel and corrugated steel models, these tanks will come with interior coating or liners to accommodate potable water requirements.

Corrugated Steel Tanks

large corrugated water tanksFor larger liquid storage needs, Corrugated Large Drinking Water Tanks are available in sizes more than 600,000 gallons. Unlike standard welded steel tanks, corrugated models are designed in pieces and then assembled after they have been shipped to your site. This allows larger capacity tanks to ship without hassle over weight or size restrictions.

  • Capacities: 700 to 600,000+ gallons
  • Design: Corrugated Pieces of Steel
  • Sizing: Standard or Custom Options Available
  • Additional Accessories (depending on model):
    • Side Ladders
    • Cages
    • Roof Rails and Guards
    • Fittings
    • Hatches
    • Valves and Filters

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Flexible Storage Tanks

The Collapsible Tank is a flexible storage option designed for all types of water storage needs. Tanks have been successfully used in a wide range of applications for short term projects, construction sites, emergency residential water storage, and even bulk capacity requirements. gallon storage tanks

  • Capacities: 25 to 210,000 gallons
  • Low Shipping Costs (can be folded or even rolled)
  • Material: FDA and NSF 61 Approved
  • Fast to Setup on your Location
  • Ideal for Emergency Situations
  • Capable of Handling Multiple Temperature Ranges (both hot and cold)
  • Adapts well to Outdoor Storage

Due to their flexible design, tanks have been made in a wide range of styles including both small and large capacities.

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Additional Water Storage Tank Options

In addition to the tanks shown above, we also offer several additional tank options that can be used for above
ground or below ground drinking water storage. Options include both fiberglass and plastic/poly tanks.

Fiberglass Storage Tanks

fiberglass water tanksOne of the most robust storage options available is the Fiberglass Water Storage Tank. Made in multiple sizes and styles, these tanks are designed for long-term storage and offer interior resins designed specifically for potable water storage.

  • Capacities: Up to 20,000 gallons
  • Below Ground and Above Ground Models
  • Robust Exterior
  • Interior Resins FDA Approved

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Plastic Storage Tanks

While not as large or as robust as fiberglass, Plastic Water Tanks are also available for the successful storage of potable water. Typically available in maximum sizes up to 10,000 gallons, these tanks are available in vertical, below ground, horizontal and elliptical models to successfully store your materials.

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