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Mobile Tanks for Off-Road Diesel Storage

Hello. I am looking for mobile diesel fuel tanks for off road diesel use. We are looking for something that we can keep in our shop to move diesel fuel around. We need approximately 400 gallons. Do you have anything like this available?

For portable transportation and storage of diesel fuel, you might consider something like the Mobile Steel Tank. These units are made from welded steel, can be constructed with either double or single walls, and include a trailer system for off road transportation.

Mobile Tank Construction

mobile diesel fuel tanksThe mobile steel tank is designed for quality off-road fuel transportation and storage. When using this tank for transportation, customers often choose between some of the following features:

  • Capacities: 300 gallons or 500 gallons
  • Construction: Single Wall or Double Wall
  • Pumps: 100 V-AC or 12 V-DC
    • AL Pump with Auto Nozzle, 12' Hose
    • Rotary Pump with Nozzle Hanger, 8' Hose

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All mobile steel tanks are created using steel welded materials and welded fittings. Both the tank and the matching trailer are typically finished in a urethane finish paint (white paint is used for tanks, black is used for the trailer).

Mobile Steel Tank Uses & Applications

This mobile unit is designed specifically for off-road transportation and is not approved for transportation on roads. This makes it an ideal choice for your operation as it can provide you with the exact materials needed for your diesel fuel storage. These tanks have often been used on farms, agricultural areas, shops, industrial facilities, and construction sites and are equipped to store the following materials:

  • Diesel Fuel
  • Motor Oils
  • Lubricants
  • Liquid Wastes

These mobile diesel fuel tanks have also been used as an emergency fuel storage tank for supplying generators, vehicles and other machinery in emergency periods.

Depending on your application, you may also choose to include vents, detection systems, fill caps, suction pipes and various other accessories to help with the storage and transportation of your materials.

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