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Oil Spill Gulf Of Mexico

Portable Tanks For Oil Spill Equipment Storage & Recovered Oil

Press Release
Oil Spill Gulf Of Mexico

Water Storage Tanks has in stock and ready to ship portable tanks to store hazardous spill equipment and recovered oil

Sebastian, FL, - Water Storage Tanks, located in Florida, USA, has ready to ship and in stock multiple sizes of folding frame tanks, also known as oil spill response containment tanks, that can be used to contain and store oil rags, absorbents, and other hazardous material, to support the oil spill responders at the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Our portable collapsible flexible tanks and bladders, used to store recovered oil, are also in stock and ready to ship.

The tank designs incorporate rigorous testing and adhere to appropriate state and federal regulations and guidelines. The product variety includes: Pillow tanks, water bladders, drinking water holding tanks, cistern tanks and liners, rainwater harvesting tanks, fuel blivets, diesel fuel tanks, folding frame tanks and self supporting onion tanks, and secondary spill containment such as spill berms, drive-through berms, and decontamination pools.

Water Storage Tank serves in the following markets: North and South America, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and South Africa.

According to Mark Wilkie, president of Water Storage Tanks, "To contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida and to prevent a huge environmental catastrophe, our products are designed to protect the wetlands and coastlines as the main goal for the first responders and the oil spill cleanup teams. But it doesnt end here. The used oil rags, absorbents, sorbents, and the recovered oil have to be contained and stored as a short term solution. Our portable collapsible flexible tanks offer a great, fast and economical solution."


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