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55 gallon Plastic Drums

Request a Quote for This ProductTired of replacing old corroded drums? These plastic 55 gallon drums offer the same strength and durability of steel with a longer life and seamless construction. Excellent for outdoor use, these plastic drums are made from corrosion-free polyethylene. Materials have been approved to meet FDA standards with 180" nominal wall thickness and true straight sides to match 55 gallon steel drums.

For your convenience, these drums are available with open head or closed head. When you are finally finished with this long-lasting drum, it can be cleanly incinerated, due to its poly construction. So it's out with the old and in with the newthe Plastic Drum!

These plastic drums are available in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, and White with capacities ranging from 15-55 gallons.

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  • Seamless Polyethylene Construction
  • FDA Approved Materials
  • 180" Nominal Wall Thickness
  • Roughened Chimes for Easy Gripping
  • Standard 2" and 3/4 NPT or 2" Buttress
  • Ample Space for Labels and Marking


  • Corrosion-Free
  • Safe for Various Liquids
  • High Resistance to Rust
  • Easy to Move & Ship
  • Safely Identified
  • Resistance to Leaking and Cracks
Product No. Cap. (gals.) Size Dia. Height Wt. (lbs.)
Open Head        
SSS-OH-15 15 16" 22-3/4" 8
SSS-OH-20 20 17-1/4" 26-1/2" 10
SSS-OH-30 30 19-1/2" 29-3/4" 15
SSS-OH-35 35 20-3/4" 31-3/4" 16
SSS-OH-55 55 23-1/2" 36-1/4" 23
Closed Head        
SSS-CH-15 15 16" 22-3/4" 8
SSS-CH-20 20 17-1/4" 26-1/2" 10
SSS-CH-30 30 19-1/2" 29-3/4" 15
SSS-CH-35 35 20-3/4" 31-3/4" 16
SSS-CH-55 55 23-1/2" 36-1/4" 23

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These plastic drums are the perfect way to ship or store your liquids in a safe, reliable, and corrosion-free container. Plastic drums a high strength and durability, without the risks of rusting.

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