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Mobile Fuel Tanks

Q&A: Do you have any diesel tanks for sale?

steel portable diesel tankQuestion: I need to get a 500 gallon steel portable diesel fuel tank. This tank is going to be transported using a fork truck and will be used to assist in fueling projects around the site. Can you please let me know if you can find one for me? We already have a pump from a previous tank.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For the size mobile fuel tank you are looking for, the best option would be one of our Mobile Fuel Tanks. These fuel storage tanks are equipped mainly for diesel storage but can hold any Class 3 combustible materials.

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Model DT 475 DT 975 DOT 500 DOT 990
Fuel Capacity 500 Gal. 1,000 Gal. 500 Gal. 1,000 Gal.
Dry Weight 1,060 lb. 2,565 lb. 1,878 lb. 3,200 lb.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 146 in. x 81 in. x 70 in. 172 in. x 81 in. x 88 in. 150 in. x 81 in. x 77 in. 178 in. x 85 in. x 90 in.

Mobile Steel Tank Components

Fuel Trailer Powder Coat Finish ColorsMobile Fuel Tanks are made with several components that allow them to be used in various off-road transportation applications. These components include:

  • Trailer (non-DOT and DOT-compliant transport available)
  • Steel Tank
  • Heavy Duty Fittings
  • Baffle System
  • Electric Brakes (on one or two axles with breakaway switch)
  • Diamond Plate HD Fenders
  • Powder Coated Finish (five colors available)

Additional components that may be added to fuel storage tanks include emergency vents, lockable fill caps, mounted pumps, and pumping systems.

Our Steel Portable Diesel Tank is built to UL-142 standards and provides superior mobility. It is 100% product-compatible and is an economical way to transport motor fuel, lubricants, and liquid wastes.

Additional Fuel Storage Options

Gas CaddysWe also provide small Gas Caddies in capacities up to 28 gallons that can be used for either diesel or standard gasoline storage and transport.

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