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Potable Water Storage Containers

Hello. I am looking for potable water storage tanks to store water on my farm. I am looking for something that is plastic might be able to fit through a door and I need something that stores around 5000 liters. Do you have anything like this?

potable water storage tanksThank you for contacting us! For potable water storage we offer a couple of different plastic tanks that might be able to work in your location. Depending on the height and width of your door, various tanks might work better than others.

A popular plastic tank we offer for drinking water storage is the Poly Water Tank. These vertical cylindrical tanks provide a self-supporting design that allows water to be easily stored inside the tank without having to worry about stability. These vertical tanks additionally feature a dark green or black exterior that works to block out light and prevent the growth of algae inside your tank.

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Dark Exterior Tanks:

The darker exterior water storage tanks are perfect for the storage of potable water as they block out light to prevent the growth of algae inside your tank. Some of the other great features and advantages offered by this tank include:

  • Cylindrical Vertical Tank Design
  • FDA Approved Resign
  • Closed Top to prevent Contamination
  • High Resistance to Rust and Corrosion
  • Many Capacities Available

Unique Water Tanks:

water storage tankIn addition to these dark vertical tanks, we also offer several other uniquely shaped tanks that are great for locations that require tanks that can fit through doors or in height restricted locations. These potable water tanks come in three different designs, two that are slender for fitting through doorways and one that is flat for height restricted areas.

Features for these water tanks include:

  • Polyethylene Construction
  • Several Sizes Available Including:
    • 375 gallon (1419 liter) Tall and Slender Tank
    • 400 gallon (1514 liter) Tall Self-Supporting Tank
    • 1250 gallon (4731 liter) Low Profile Tank
    • 1500 gallon (5678 liter) Low Profile Tank
    • 2400 gallon (9084 liter) Low Profile Tank

Both of these polyethylene tanks are designed for water storage and offer a high resistance to outside elements, as well as rust and corrosion. To view more plastic potable water storage tank options, please check out our Plastic Water Tanks Main Page.