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Differences Between Pillow Tanks and Liners

FAQ: Should I Use a Pillow Tank or Liner for a Cistern?

rainwater collapsible tank

Question: I have a metal tank (92" Height x 200" Diameter) that is outside. I was wondering if I should use a pillow tank instead of a liner. The tank is outside now but will be under a house when I build it. I'm going to need a lid on the tank but then I thought about just using pillow tank. Can the pillow be cleaned? How would fittings be used?

Answer: Choosing between a Pillow Tank and a Liner for your cistern is a common debate. They both accomplish the same goal, but in different ways. In general, both the pillow tank and liner have been manufactured using the same fabric materials. If you are planning on using this for drinking water storage, both the tank and liner need to be from NSF 61 and FDA approved materials that can safely store this type of liquid. Both options will also perform well under seismic conditions and are relatively cost effective and easy to use.

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Choosing between a pillow tank or cistern liner is often a matter of preference and storage requirements. If you are dealing with a tank that has several different leaking areas, you might consider using a tank to act as a kind of replacement for your existing unit. These cistern water tanks will be able to store your rainwater without having to remove old cisterns.

Standard Fittings

If you are using this tank with a liner option, liners can be placed around existing tank fittings to keep the structure of your tank the same. If you are using a pillow tank, fittings can be installed directly into this take to match your existing cistern's fittings or rainwater collection requirements.

Standard fittings you will find a collapsible tank include sizing 3/4" through 2", with 4" through 6" also available upon request. Fittings can be made from aluminum, stainless steel or polypropylene with cam lock, storz or threaded fittings. Our fitting options for these tanks are numerous, so please do not hesitate to send us your exact requirements. The fittings will allow you to hook up hoses and pumps to have access to the water you are storing.

Pillow Tank for Cistern: Cleaning Options

The pillow tank can be cleaned. In order to clean this tank, chlorine can be used, and we recommend a solution at no more than 5 percent. An alternative means of sanitation is with an industry approved sterilizingagent. There are a number of suitable options available from the Ecolab Center.

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