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The Amazing Frozen Flexible Tank

by Esther (Boise, ID)

The portable high-sided onion tank has made the perfect solution to a difficult problem for the near-surface and cryosphere research groups at Boise State University. Were setting up the tank in a cold lab in order to freeze an ice layer for radar testing. The tank will be kept at -30 for two months while the ice forms.

Onion Tank Setup in the Cold Lab

onion tank

onion tank
frozen onion tank
flexible frozen onion tank

The onion tank from portable tank group is the best tank for us, because it will maintain its shape simply due to the contained water, its highly durable, and the tank will remain flexible under a wide range of temperatures. And as a bonus, the customer service we received from Portable Tanks, a division of GEI Works as we searched for a tank was superb they were able to identify the onion tank that would best meet our constraints. Ordering and receiving the tank was accomplished quickly and easily, and Portable Tank Group provided updates at each step of the way. Were very excited to be using this tank and will keep you posted as our experiment progresses!

Progress Continues: Learn more about this project and the frozen tank in The Frozen Tank Story Continues.

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