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Underground Storage Tanks

Fiberglass & Polyethylene Tanks

I am looking for underground water storage tanks. What are my options?

underground water storage tanksUnderground water tanks are great way to store or collect water for use at later times. Built from strong materials, such as polyethylene and fiberglass, these tanks have been frequently used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Made in many different sizes, these tanks have been used in some of the following applications:

  • Rainwater Collection for Sprinkler Systems
  • Water Storage for Fire Suppression Systems
  • Waste Water Supply
  • Drinking Water Cistern
  • Well Water Backup Supply
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Polyethylene Underground Tank:

  • Polyethylene construction
  • High Resistance to Rust & Corrosion
  • Ribbed Exterior (like septic tanks) for Sound use in Underground Locations
  • FDA Approved Resin for Drinking Water
  • Light Weight for Easy Installion
  • Locking Cover to keep contents clean
  • No Seams for Leak-Free Storage
  • Standard Capacity: 325 to 1,700 gallons

Fiberglass Underground Tank:

  • fiberglass underground storage tankFiberglass Construction
  • Multiple Resins Available to meet your liquid storage needs
    • Drinking Water
    • Hot Water
    • Municipal WWTPS
  • Highly Resistant Exterior that won't Bend, Dent, Crack or Leak
  • Light Weight for Easier Installation
  • Can be Buried up to 36"
  • Standard Capacity: 525 to 11,000 gallons

Water storage tanks have been commonly used as a type of rainwater collection tank. Each tank is available with fittings to help connect it to other sources of water. Both the fiberglass and polyethylene materials are extremely resistant to outside forces and hold up well when used in underground applications.

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