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Steel Tank for Rainwater Harvesting

Customer was looking for a rainwater harvesting water storage tank for a property in the hills. They were looking for something around 20,000 gallons in size that could be store underground. Their intended application was for long-term use. See options for this type of rainwater harvesting job.

Steel Underground Storage Tank

A common choice for rainwater storage applications in underground locations is a Steel Rainwater Collection Tank. These tanks are robust and reliable, making them the perfect choice for underground water storage that requires protection from outdoor elements. Use of these tanks has helped areas earn LEED points.

steel rainwater collection tanksFeatures and options for the underground steel storage tanks include the following:

  • Single or Double Walls
  • FDA Approved Interiors for Drinking Water
  • Reliable Underground Storage
  • Compliance for Water Storage
  • Capacities up to 30,000 gallons

For larger areas, these tanks have also been used as part of a rainwater collection system to successfully reuse your rainwater once it has been collected. Some of the components for these systems is a filter, disinfection area, day tank, storage tank and control center.

Fiberglass Underground Storage Tanks

In addition, we also offer fiberglass underground storage tanks that can be used for the storage and collection of rainwater. These tanks are equally robust and contain reliable materials to help successfully store drinking water materials. For more information on these storage tanks, please check out our Underground Fiberglass Tanks.

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