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Using Water Bags for Water Ballast On Docked Ship

Project for water bags as water ballast: A customer contacted us with the following situation: They intended to run fuel tanks down prior to dock as these tanks are up for inspection. In order to compensate for the weight loss and maintain the vessels in water drought and stability, ballasts were needed.


Prior to contacting our company this customer used leased ballast trailers that had to remain. They were placed on the upper vehicle deck on-board until the vessel has undocked. That means that any deck painting was restricted due to the position of the trailers. These couldn't be removed in dock either.

The customer was interested to find out if water bags/portable tanks, filled with fresh water from the stand-pipe ashore or using the on-board fire main with sea water, could be used as water ballasts. These water bags/portable tanks could be emptied out when the vessel is sat on the blocks in dry-dock. All tanks could be filled after survey which ensures the vessel returns to it natural dead-weight before departure and the upper deck is clear for scaling and painting.

Project Requirements:

The requirements were as follows:

  1. The need to minimize the free surface effect (when tanks empty OR filled)
  2. The need to secure the water bags/portable tanks.

The Portable Tanks, a division of GEI Works tech guys discussed the project situation with the customer, how to secure the tanks and what tank footprint would be the best to use. Portable tanks/water bags can be custom built in any required size, shape, capacity or fittings.

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