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Water Tank Trailers

1025 gallon Water Trailer

water tank trailersAlthough there is no 1000 gallon water tank trailer, the next size up available is the 1025 gallon. The 1025 Water Tank Trailer (also known as water buffalo tank) is one of the largest available options for water hauling transportation, spray jobs, dust suppression, arena cleanup, and fire suppression. Designed as a fully equipped spray system, each trailer mounted tank includes a 1025 gallon plastic leg tank, hose, pump, engine and back spray bar. This allows water buffalo tanks to be easily moved back and forth to safely and efficiently. Each Argo water buffalo trailer is made in the USA.

1025 gallon Water Trailers, also known as water buffalos, are efficiently designed to assist in the transportation of water and spray materials. All water tank trailers are UV resistant, DOT approved, and turn key delivered.

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Argo 1025 Gal. Water Tank Trailer Technical Specifications

Tank 1025 Gallon Poly Tank
Dimensions H x L x W 80 in. (With Fill Kit 70 in.) x 200 in. x 81 in. (With Fenders)
Weight 2150 lbs. (Empty)
Capacity 13,000 lbs.
Hitch Height Adjustable, 2-5/16 in.
Frame 6 in. Channel Iron
Brakes Electric Brakes
Axles Tandem Leaf Spring
Wheels 16 x 6
Tires 7.50 x 16LT
Wheel Track 68 in.
Flyer & Drawing 1025 Gallon Water Trailer Flyer and Drawing (PDF)

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Water Buffalo Tank Features:water tank with honda engine pump

  • 1025 gallon Water Trailer Flyer (pdf)
  • Capacity: 1025 gal.
  • Elliptical Polyethylene Tank
  • DOT Approved Trailer
  • 2" Tsurumi Pump with Honda Engine
  • Adjustable 2" Nozzle Spray Bar
  • Fire Hose and Nozzle
  • Fenders and Lights
  • Anti-Siphon Fill Kit
  • Suction Hose
  • Electric Brakes

Mobile Water Tank Benefits:water sprayer trailer

  • Rated for Successful Outdoor Use
  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Includes All Required Spray Components
  • Long Hoses for Tall Trees
  • Easy to Move and Transport
  • Includes Spray Bar for Ground Packing and Dust Suppression
  • Reaches a Wide Spray Radius
  • Smooth Transportation to and from Facilities

The large storage capacity and easy mobility of these tanks has allowed them to be successfully used in any of the following locations: Water Sprayer Trailer with fire hose

  • Dust Control
  • Arenas
  • Large Field Watering
  • Fire Suppression
  • Larger Landscaping Jobs
  • Site Ground Packing
  • Spray Jobs

As with many of our water trailer systems, these units come fully equipped with a galvanized spray bar that sits lower to the ground for lower ground watering, dust control, and other suppression requirements.

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