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Fire Suppression Water Trailer

water trailerA Fire Suppression Water Trailer is a small control unit perfect for dealing with small grass fires, bale fires or cotton fires around farms, irrigation locations, nurseries and other agricultural areas. Compact in design, this water wagon helps to effectively move equipment to the site of a fire. A Water Trailer is specifically designed for off-road use around farms or other agricultural locations.

Fire suppression trailers include a complete range of components to address the needs required to suppress a fire including the following: plastic storage tank, hose, reel, pump, engine, and trailer.

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Technical Specifications

Tank 500 gal tank 800 gal tank 1025 gal tank 1600 gal tank
Trailer Type DOT DOT DOT DOT
Brakes Surge Surge Surge Electric
Included Equipment

2" Tsurumi pump with Honda Engine Adjustable 2 Nozzle Spray Bar Fire Hose and Nozzle Fenders Lights Anti-Siphon Fill Kit Suction Hose


Water Trailer Features:

  • 500, 800, 1025 or 1600 gallon Capacity
  • 500 to 1600 gallon Capacity
  • DOT Approved Trailer
  • Elliptical Tank
  • 4 hp Honda Engine
  • 2" Tsurumi Pump
  • Galvanized Suction & Discharge Manifold
  • Suction Hose
  • Tandem Axle

Benefits of Water Trailers:

  • High Resistance Storage Tank
  • Quick Attachment to Hydrants, Water Tanks or Ponds
  • Multi-Purpose for Off-Road Locations
  • Fully Equipped with Spray Equipment
  • Multi-Purpose after Fire Suppression
  • Great for Grass or Cotton Fires
  • Fast Transport of Water to an On-Site Location

Water Trailer Uses

While these trailers are often designed for use in fire suppression, they can also be used in any of the following applications:

  • Dust Control
  • Vegetation Watering
  • Around Site Landscaping
  • Small Area Ground Packing
  • Livestock Spraying
  • Stall Cleaning
  • Drinking Water Transportation to Animals

Trailer Design and Construction

Standard Fire Suppression Water Trailers come with a non-DOT approved trailer that does not include lights or fenders. This is designed specifically for off-road use and is frequently used around farms, agricultural areas and other locations. If you require a DOT approved trailer system, please view our other Water Trailers for Sale.

Custom Water Trailer Tank Options:

A unique feature of this water wagon system is its black polyethylene tank. When compared to the standard white model, the black exterior can provide increased algae-control so your tank remains clean.

Additional Tanks and Transportation Systems:

Various other portable water tanks are available to help with water storage and transportation in your location. These water trailers often feature a poly exterior and can be found on our Plastic Tanks Page


Questions? We can help! Call us: +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.