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Difference Between Gray Water and Black Water Pillow Tanks

Customer was interested in gray water pillow tanks and wanted to know what the difference was between a gray water and a black water pillow tank. See information involving these two types of water storage tanks.

Non-Potable Water Tanks

gray water pillow tanksWhen dealing with Flexible Tanks, the main difference between fabric types will usually involve options to distinguish between drinking water and non drinking water. When used for drinking water applications, tanks will include an inner fabric that is FDA and NSF 61 approved.

Gray and Black Water Tanks

For Black and Gray Water Pillow Tanks, the main difference will be in the type of waste water being stored in the tank. Gray water typically includes process water, brine water and other types of product fluids. It may also include standard water that is not being used for drinking applications.

Black water, by contrast, is what can be stored in spetic tanks and may include heavier fabrics or other harmful elements.

Tank Fabrics

Regardless of what type of water you are looking for, we commonly ask customers to tell us exactly what type of liquid you will be storing in the tank. This allows us to make sure that the liquid being stored inside the tank is compatible with fabrics used to build your storage tank.

The tank fabrics used on the tank may include polyurethane and E PVC coated materials to safely storage your liquids.

Depending on what you are needing to store in the tank, we also have several heavier and more robust materials to handle large capacity or heavier interior materials.

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