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Flexible Crude Liquid Storage

Customer needed offshore crude storage tanks and asked: I need some information on the specifications and cost to build a new crude storage tank for offshore operations during Well Drill Stem Testing operation with a rig. Are there any readily available and what is the rental cost.

Storage vessel should be able to take crude direct from a well and transport same to an FPSO for discharge.


Thank you for contacting us! Our Flexible Tanks are designed specifically for stationary storage applications and should not be used for transportation applications. In addition, our tanks our only offered for purchase and not for rental applications.

Flexible Tanks

While flexible tanks can be used for some applications, such as the storage of frac water or fuel, we may require an MSDS to ensure that they can be used for your crude liquid storage application. Some materials may be too heavy for storage in a flexible tank and may not be suitable for this application.

Crude Oil Storage Tanks

If you are looking for something that is able to store crude oil, we do also offer several steel storage tanks that may be able to work for this application. These tanks can be made in several different variaties including the following:

  • Above Ground Tanks
  • Underground Tanks
  • Double Wall Tanks
  • Single Wall Tanks
  • Vertical Tanks
  • Horizontal Tanks

For more information on these storage tanks can how they can be used in your location, check our our Steel Tank Section.


In terms of regulations, you might want to check out various organizations such as the EPA Laws and Regulations as well OSHA Safety Requirements for handling oil and other potentially harmful materials.

For pricing information, please feel free to Request a Price Quote. Don't hesitate to contact our tech team for further questions at +1-772-646-0597.