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Cistern Tank Options

Cistern Water Tanks are used in locations and facilities around the world to harvest, store and reuse rain water. Great for any business, home or government building, these tanks provide a safe location for storing water until times of needs. Depending on your collection method, tanks can be constructed with pipes, fittings, or connections that allow the unit to attach to pipes, downspouts, pumps, sprinkler systemize, or other utilities.

Some of the most common options include the following:

plastic water tanks

corrugated steel tanks

flexible cistern tanks
Plastic Tanks Corrugated Steel Tanks Flexible Tanks
fiberglass above ground tanks

rainwater collection system

cistern liners
Fiberglass Cistern Tanks Steel Cistern Water Tanks Cistern Liners

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Rigid Rainwater Collection Tanks

Rigid Cistern Water Tanks are a favorite for rainwater collection due to their robust design and protective outer exterior. Available in above ground and below ground models, these tanks are able to effectively store and protect liquids. Interiors can be constructed with FDA approved resins or linings that can effectively meet the needs of your location.


Poly Tanks:

plastic water tanksPoly Tanks, also known as Plastic Water Tanks, are common choice for short term rain water collection and storage. As an economical storage option, these tanks can be placed around homes or businesses to easily collect and store water. Due to their frequent use in outdoor areas, exteriors on these tanks are often made from a darker polyethylene, such as green or black. Darker colors help to limit the amount of light flowing in the tank, which helps to prevent the growth of algae inside the unit.

  • Multiple Sizes and Models
  • FDA Rated Resins
  • Darker Colors for Algae Growth Prevention

Fiberglass Tank:

fiberglass above ground tanksOne of our most durable and long-lasting storage options is the Fiberglass Cistern Water Tank. Made with a robust fiberglass exterior, these tanks are perfect for outdoor storage, underground storage, or storage in demanding locations. Available options include sizes up to 20,000 gallons.

  • Durable Fiberglass Exterior
  • Above and Below Ground Options
  • Multiple Fittings
  • Sizes up to 20,000 gallons


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Steel Tanks

rainwater collection systemSteel Tanks are a great choice for any location that requires robust liquid storage. Available in both above ground and below ground storage options, these tanks are rigid and well-equipped for rainwater storage purposes. Tanks can be used on their own for effective water storage or as part of system that can store, filters and repurpose rainwater. Standard tanks are available in sizes up to 40,000 gallons for large collection requirements.


Corrugated Water Tanks

corrugated water tanksAs an alternative to standard steel, we also offer Corrugated Cistern Water Tanks which can be made in sizes well over 100,000 gallons. Corrugated Water Tanks differ from standard tanks in both size and construction. Standard corrugated tanks are designed to ship in pieces, making it easier to move large capacity tanks to their needed storage location.


Flexible Storage Tanks

Due to their low profiles, flexible storage tanks have been a favorite for rainwater collection and storage under decks, in basements and in various other height-restricted locations. As an alternative to the standard concrete cistern, these flexible units offer high storage capacities and low profile designs to fit in smaller crawl areas. Benefits often found when using this collapsible alternative include:

  • rainwater cistern tankLow Profile to fit in basements or under decks
  • Flexible Design for unique storage areas
  • Can fit in existing concrete cisterns that are old or leaking
  • Ships Folded up for fast arrival to your area
  • Capacities from 25 to 210,000 gallons
  • Fittings: 2" Fill Fitting, Additional Sizes Available on Request

Typical Flexible Tank Storage Locations

  • Storage in Basements
  • Above Ground or Underground Tank Storage
  • Placement in Existing Concrete Cisterns
  • Water Reserve for Emergency Fire Fighting Systems
  • Storage for Large Building or Factories

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Liners for Existing Cistern Water Tanks

Cistern LinerIf you are dealing with an existing old cistern that has started to leak, a great option for your location is the Cistern Liner. Made from the same high strength materials as the flexible water tanks, these liners are often custom-built to meet the exact sizing and requirements of your existing tank. Fabric options include:

  • Water Grade Fabrics
  • Drinking Water Grade Fabrics (Meet FDA & NSF 61 Requirements)

For pricing on a cistern water tank liner that will specifically meet your site requirements. Please provide us with the following information:

  • Cistern Dimensions & Shape
  • Cistern Construction (steel, concrete, etc.)
  • Interior Configuration (Are the inside walls smooth? Are there any pipes or protrusions the liner will need to work around?)
  • Liner Requirements (Does the liner need to be approved for potable water?)
  • Access to Cistern Interior (What kind of access is available to install the liner?)

From here, our sales team can develop a quote on a liner that will specifically meet your requirements.

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Water Resources

  • Water Consumption Calculator: Wondering how much water supply is needed for your area? Plug your information into this calculator and learn how much is required for your location.

  • Advanced Water Filters: Filter rainwater for later use as a drinking water supply.

  • Municipal Guidebook: Check out the EPA "Managing Wet Weather With Green Infrastructure", Rainwater Harvesting Policies for further information.



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