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Pillow Tank Repair Kits

Convenient Field-Repair Kit for Pillow Tanks

pillow tankFlexible tank repair kits are a quick and easy way to patch up small leaks on your tank or flexible containment berm. Each pillow tank kit will typically include a patch (chosen based on the material used for your tank), adhesive, sanding papers, scissors and a patch roller. This provides you with all of the items necessary to install the patch onto your tank.

Tank Repair Kits are designed to help with small leaks by providing an easy process for attaching a patch onto your tank. As mentioned above, all fabric patches are chosen based on the specific type of fabric used for your tank. Alternatively, they can also be chosen based on the liquid stored in your tank.

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Pillow Tank Repair Kit Included Items:

Repair kits are an all-inclusive product designed to provide you with every tool necessary to fully patch up and repair your product. Kits will typically include the following items:

  • tank repair kitsFabric Patch
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Roller
  • Sand Paper
  • Instructions

All of these items will be sent to you in an easy-to-use plastic container that provides easy storage and transportation of patch items.

Bladder Tank Repair Kit Use:

These kits are designed specifically to help with leaks on flexible storage products, including berms and flexible storage tanks. These tanks have been used with all of the following products:

  • Potable Water Tanks
  • Gray Water Flexible Tanks
  • Onion Tanks
  • Frame Tanks
  • Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Aluminum Angle Berms
  • Foam Wall Berms

Additional accessories that are commonly used for these products include a Ground Cloth or custom fittings.

Installing the Patch from the Tank Repair Kit:

Installation of the repair kit includes a quick and easy process of connecting the patch to your tank! The process will typically be similar to the following:

  1. tank repair kit adhesivePrepare the Tank for Patch Attachment: The first step to installing your patch is making sure the tank is ready for the adhesive. This process will include sanding down the leaking area and then cleaning it with water or solvent.
  2. Add the Adhesive: Once the tank has been properly cleaned and abraded, it is then ready to accept the adhesive. Two coats should be applied to the tank to give a strong attachment area.
  3. Apply the Patch: Once the glue has been added to the tank, it is then ready to accept the patch. When arriving to you, these patches will come in a standard repair size. Fabric can be cut down as needed to meet the size of your leaking area. It is usually recommended that the patch extend approximately 2 inches around all sides of the area. Patches can be flattened and attached to the adhesive with a roller to make sure all the sides are even.


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