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Drinking Water Tanks

Potable Water Holding Tanks

Drinking Water Holding Tanks are available in multiple sizes, styles and fabrics to accommodate the needs and requirements of outdoor, indoor and long-term storage. With style options ranging from plastic tanks to flexible storage units, these tanks can provide successful drinking water storage where it's needed most. Please feel free to browse through our product listing below to find the right style, size or tank model for your location. Standing drinking water options have included plastic tanks, steel tanks, pillow tanks, fiberglass tanks, and portable water trailers.

drinking water holding tanks

Plastic Water Tanks

collapsible tank

Large Flexible Pillow Tanks
(5,000 to 210,00 gallons)

pillow tanks

Small Pillow Tanks (25 - 5000 gallons)

steel rainwater collection tanks

Steel Water Tanks

fiberglass tanks

Fiberglass Water Tanks

water trailer

Water Trailers

Not sure what size tank you need for your water requirements? Check out the Water Consumption Calculator!

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Plastic Drinking Water Holding Tanks

drinking water holding tanksSome of our most versatile storage options can be found in our Plastic/Poly Water Tanks. Typically made from a polyethylene fabric material, these tanks are available in vertical, elliptical, horizontal, open top and flat bottom models, to name a few.

For potable water storage in an outdoor location, many customers use of our dark green or black storage tanks (shown right). When compared to the standard translucent color, darker options can help to reduce the amount of algae growth present within the tank. This helps to keep drinking water storage clean and ready for use. For pricing information on these tanks, please check out our Plastic Tanks Web Store.

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Collapsible Water Tanks

ground clothAs an alternative to some of our standard water storage units, we also offer Flexible Drinking Water Holding Tanks, known as pillow tanks, collapsible tanks or water bladder. Made from a flexible fabric, these tanks are a perfect option for storage in low profile locations (such as under decks or in basements), as well as temporary bulk water storage. Due to their fast setup and bulk storage options, these tanks have been used on construction sites, residential areas and even remote locations to keep a supply of potable water on hand. Typical features for these tanks include the following:

  • Fabric Options: Medium, Commercial, or Industrial Grade Fabric
  • Typical Contact Time: 5 years (may vary depending on your location)
  • Tank Liner: NSF 61 and FDA Compliant
  • Typical Sizes: 10 gallons to 210,000 gallons

Safe, Clean & Clear Potable Water Storage

drinking water holding tankOffering some of the most economical and flexible storage options on the market today, these pillow tanks are frequently used by the DOD for military operations (water blivets), first responders for emergency relief efforts (FEMA) and multiple industrial customers to successfully store water, collect rainwater and stay prepared for emergencies.

To view some of our larger tanks typically used for depot style bulk storage, please check out our Bulk Storage Tanks Page.

Typical Specifications on Pillow Tanks for Potable Water Storage

Our drinking water pillow tanks are manufactured from first grade materials and all provided with a certificate of fitness upon request. Each tank is warranted for a period of 1 year for workmanship and materials (full warranty details available on request) and certified for storage of approved liquids (an MSDS may be required to ensure complete compatibility).

NSF 61 Drinking water tanksFABRIC - NSF 61 and FDA Compliant. Poly urethane, Polymer Alloy or E PVC Coated Fabric.

CONTACT TIME - 1 year to 7+ years ***(Contact times are not an indication of functionality, but rather a point where the fabric may start to change based on weathering or chemical process and has no bearing on longevity of a tank)

FITTINGS - 3/4" thru 2" standard. 4" thru 6" available upon request. Aluminum, Stainless steel, Polypropylene with Camlock, Storz or threaded fittings to accommodate hoses. Ball valves, pressure relief vents and caps.

BERM LINERS or Rub Pad - We recommend the use of berm liners, rub pads or ground cloths to ensure portable tank longevity.

OPTIONAL - Ports for periodic cleaning and inspections, emergency plugs, repair kits, operational spare parts, pressure relief valves.

PACKAGING - Packaging of these collapsible drinking water holding tanks is very important on the intended use and mobility requirements. We offer a variety of solutions based on your application like carry bags, totes, wooden treated crates, or as specified (additional costs may apply for packaging).

Check out the Lifeliner Cube.

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Rigid Drinking Water Holding Tanks: Steel Tanks and Fiberglass Tanks

steel tank, steel storage tanks Interested in more rigid storage solutions? Portable Tanks, a division of GEI Works offers Highland Tank HighDRO Potable Water Tanks for all your drinking, well, city or delivered water needs.

Through the HighDROTM Liner Plus polymer, all drinking water holding tanks supply a long lasting tank system. These tanks are great for schools, hospitals, prisons, vacation resorts, rural development, emergency water supply, to only name a few

For the storage of safe drinking water, a variety of fiberglass water tanks are available including an above ground fiberglass storage tank, an underground fiberglass storage tank, and an above ground fiberglass basin.