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Plastic Water Tanks

FDA Compliant Plastic Tanks for Drinking Water Storage

A plastic water tank is the perfect option for drinking water storage around your home, facility, location, pickup truck, farm, or other storage location. Made with resins that have been FDA approved for drinking water, these tanks are an easy way to keep a supply of potable water on hand for times of need.

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All polyethylene drinking water storage tanks are designed with an FDA approved resin that allows for the safe storage of potable water within the unit. Drinking water tanks can include specialty tanks that have lower heights or thinner widths, as well as underground units for storage below the ground.

Mobile Tanks

The Mobile Drinking Water Tank is designed to safely store and transport your liquids in the back of vehicles, tractors, and trailers. Models include:

  • Elliptical Storage Tanks
  • Pickup Truck Tanks
  • Mini Bulk Tanks

Underground Tanks

The below ground water storage tank features a watertight lid to prevent leaking outside the tank, as well as a ribbed exterior to handle the nature of underground elements.

Vertical Tanks

Vertical tanks for drinking water include:

  • Outdoor Drinking Water Tanks: These vertical tanks typically include a dark green or black exterior to prevent light from entering the tank. This helps reduce the growth of algae to keep your unit clean during storage.
  • Specialty Tanks: The specialty water tanks include both a low-profile unit for storage in height-restricted spaces, as well as a slender units that can fit through doorways.
Other Plastic Tank Applications

Spill Containment

Spill Containment

Rainwater Storage

Rainwater Storage

Brine Storage

Chemical Storage


Agricultural Storage

Chemical Mixing

Chemical Mixing

water tank sprayer

Water Trailers

We also offer Collapsible Storage Tanks and Steel Storage Tanks for Drinking Water Storage. Also view our Poly Water Tanks for Sale.

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