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550 Gallon Water Trailers for Sale

DOT-Compliant Water Trailer and Complete Spray System

500 gallon water trailerIntroducing the 550-Gallon Express Water Wagon, the ideal and affordable solution for efficient water delivery across diverse project sites. Whether navigating busy highways or remote access routes, this DOT-compliant water wagon ensures safety and convenience. Equipped with LED lights and tandem brakes for superior visibility and control, it's designed for the most challenging environments. Each trailer features a complete spray system including a polyethylene storage tank, pump, engine, hose, and back spray bar, providing all the necessary tools to effectively water and spray down equipment on-site. With its robust design and flexibility, the 550-gallon water trailer stands ready to meet your water transportation and application needs, ensuring compliance and efficiency on any road. See our entire line of Water Trailers for more options.

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550 Gallon Water Trailer Features

  • 4 horsepower Honda engine
  • 140 GPM with galvanized fittings
  • 2" height adjustable ball hitch
  • Diamond tread fenders

550 Gallon Water Tank Trailer Benefits

    Water tank trailer with Honda engine pump
  • DOT-compliant
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy fill options
  • Equipped for accessories

550 Gallon Water Trailer Specifications

Length 161”
Width 79” (w/ Fenders)
Height 58” (w/ Fill Kit - 66”)
Suction Hose Size 20’x2’’
Fire Hose Size 25’x1.5” Hose and Nozzle
Spray Bar Galvanized with Double Nozzles; 8’-25’ Swath
Discharge Bar Galvanized
Size (US Gallons) 550
Tank Color Translucent White
Dry Weight (lbs) 1,800 lb (Empty)
Tires 15” on E-Z Lube Hubs with 6 Lugs
Wheel Track 72”
Capacity 6,000 lbs. (GVWR)
DOT Compliant LED Brake Lights
Frame Construction 6” Channel Iron
Finish Powder Coat Black Acrylic
Axle(s) 3,500 lb Tandem Slipper Spring
Tank Type 550 Gallon Polyethylene Elliptical Leg Tank
Hitch Type 2” Ball or 3” Pintle
Brakes Double Free Backing Surge or Electric
Fenders Diamond Tread
Motor 4 HP Honda Engine
Pump 2” Tsurumi Aluminum Pump
Valve Fittings 2" Banjo® sweep manifold
Lights DOT compliant clearance, stop, turn, tail, license
Warranty Manufacturer’s Warranty


Flyer to Download: Express 550 Gallon Water Trailer (PDF)

Water Tank Trailer Applications

The 550-Gallon Express Water Trailer is expertly designed to serve a wide array of water management needs with efficiency and reliability. Ideal for both urban and rural settings, this versatile trailer is perfect for dust control on construction sites, keeping dust at bay to ensure a safe and compliant work environment. It also excels in vegetation watering for parks, recreational areas, and large landscaping projects, providing essential hydration to maintain lush, green spaces. In addition, the trailer is an invaluable asset for fire suppression and control, equipped to handle emergencies with quick deployment. The robust spray system, including a back spray bar and high-capacity polyethylene tank, makes it equally suited for ground packing at job sites and remote area landscaping, ensuring that even the most inaccessible areas can benefit from precise and controlled water application. This makes the 550-gallon Express Water Trailer a critical tool for municipalities, construction firms, and agricultural operations seeking a mobile, reliable water delivery system.

The water tank trailer is extremely versatile. With multi-purpose use in mind, additional common applications for these water trailers include include but are not limited to:

    water trailer fire hose
  • Construction Sites
  • Fire Fighting Brush Fires
  • Horse Arenas
  • Farms
  • Sports Fields
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Residential Properties
  • Nurseries and Groves
  • Spraying of Tall Trees
  • Turf or Crop Watering
  • Irrigation
  • Arena Dust Suppression
  • Livestock Watering
  • Landscaping
  • Small Fire Suppression

Water Tank Trailers

Water sprayer trailerAll water trailers, including the 550 gallon water tank trailer, come standard with a high strength, polyethylene storage tank. These tanks have robust exteriors that can handle outdoor exposure, while interiors are approved for drinking water, spray water, and several chemicals. When compared to other storage units, the poly tank can offer an increased resistance to rust and corrosion, making your tank long-lasting and reliable. There are optional coatings available for UV protection or FDA compliance.

Each poly storage tank on our water tank trailers can be sold separately for customers not requiring the trailer portion of the unit. Some of the most common tank styles include the following:

  • Elliptical Storage Tanks
  • Pickup Truck Tanks
  • Horizontal Leg Tanks
  • Horizontal Tanks

For freeze protection for your water trailer or skid, our Water Trailer Heater Blankets are exactly what you need . When cold weather affects the viscosity of fuel, fluids, and other materials you can lose production time, adding additional costs. Power blankets keep your tanks and smaller corrugated/steel tanks at constant temperature, preventing fluids from freezing in extreme conditions. We customize thermal blankets to meet your specific needs, no matter the tank size or shape. Call us today to find out more!

For more information, view our Plastic Tank Variety.

We have all the water trailers available at this Water Trailers page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Hi there! I am in need of a 550 gallon water tank trailer that I can use for dust suppression and ground packing. I require a pump and hose, and I need for the unit to be DOT compliant, as I will be using it in multiple locations. What are my options for this?

Answer: Our 550 Gallon Water Trailer would be a great option for dust suppression, ground packing, and various other watering activities. This unit comes fully equipped with a DOT-compliant trailer, 550 gallon elliptical tank, engine, pump and hoses. This level of control and versatility has allowed the small capacity water tank trailer to be successfully used for watering, fertilizing, and even pest control.

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