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IBC Totes: Solutions for Bulk Material Handling

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), which are also referred to as IBC totes, represent spacious and reusable receptacles meticulously engineered for the purpose of storing and managing substantial quantities of liquid and powdered substances. These containers typically boast capacities ranging from 275 to 330 gallons, although larger sizes are also available. IBC totes are meticulously constructed from diverse materials, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and feature an encompassing stainless steel cage, designed for efficient stacking, rendering them exceptionally well-suited for both storage and transport purposes.

275 IBC Tote

275 IBC Tote

330 IBC Tote

330 IBC Tote


Gallon Capacity 275 Gallon 330 Gallon
Shape Square Square
Specific Gravity 1.9 1.6
Height 45-3/8" 53-3/4"
Length 47-1/4" 47-1/4"
Width 39-1/4" 39-1/4"
Weight 125 243

IBC Key Features

  • Reusable and sustainable
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) material and stainless steel cage
  • Designed to be stackable, space-saving
  • Versatile for different quantities of liquids and powders

IBC Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effective because of their reusability
  • Efficient for warehousing and transportations storage
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Designed to protect the stored materials from contamination

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For liquids requiring precise temperature control, we provide IBC Tote Heater Blankets, which offer superior insulation to prevent heat loss and safeguard IBC tanks even in extreme cold conditions down to -40°F/-40°C. The included adjustable thermostat controller and internal thermostats ensure consistent temperature maintenance for your tote. Our IBC tote tank heaters deliver reliable and sustained heating, ensuring optimal storage temperatures for your totes. See our Totes Heater Blanket

Optimize your liquid storage capacity within the confines of your available space! Our steel-caged polyethylene IBC totes are expertly crafted for exceptional mobility, efficiency, and ease of transportation. If you're seeking stackable water storage tanks designed with portability in mind, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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