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Open Top Containment Pools

Self-Rising Onion Tank Containment Pools: Reusable & Easy to Transport

containment poolOpen Top Containment Pools are an open style tank that fits easily under leaking valves, drums, tanks, storage vessels, and machinery. Quick to move and easy to place, these tanks are one of the easiest ways to contain liquids in the event of a spill. Containment pools are frequently around facilities, pumping stations and other areas with the potential for small leaks or drips.

Containment Tank Construction

The construction of the pop up containment pool creates an open top design that allows for easy placement under decon areas, leaking valves and decon showers. To create this quick containment system, built into each onion tank is self-rising foam collar that will allow the side walls of the tank to rise on their own as the system fills with liquid.

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Onion Tank Applications

  • Decon Pools
  • Leaks from Saddle Tanks
  • Spill Containment Under Hydraulic Lines
  • Containment for Loose or Leaking Pipes
  • Fast Response to Industrial Incidents
  • Decontamination of Spill Equipment

Low Side Onion Containment Tank Specifications

Capacity (Gal) Capacity (Ltr) Base Diameter Filled Height
250 Gallons 946 L 5'10" (1.8 m) 28" (0.7 m)
500 Gallons 1,893 L 7' (2.1 m) 32" (0.8 m)
750 Gallons 2,839 L 8'4" (2.5 m) 33" (0.8 m)
1,000 Gallons 3,785 L 9'5" (2.9 m) 33" (0.8 m)
1,500 Gallons 5,678 L 11'9" (3.6 m) 32" (0.8 m)
2,000 Gallons 7,570 L 13' (3.9 m) 32" (0.8 m)
2,500 Gallons 9,463 L 14'3" (4.4 m) 32" (0.8 m)
3,000 Gallons 11,355 L 15'3" (4.8 m) 34" (0.9 m)
5,000 Gallons 18,927 L 18'2" (5.5 m) 33" (0.8 m)
6,000 Gallons 22,712 L 21'6" (6.6 m) 33" (0.8 m)
10,000 Gallons 37,854 L 26'9" (8.2 m) 33" (0.8 m)

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Pop Up Pool Design

While standard construction of these pools uses a high resistance 22 ounce PVC material, tanks can also be made with several additional fabrics or liners to meet the containment requirements of your location. If there is a specific liner or material needed for your location, please do not hesitate to ask!

For more information on these containment onion pools, please check out the following pages:

All containment pools feature a foam collar that provides quick assembly and easy transportation around your site. The design of the pop-up pools allows the tank to lie completely flat until it is filled with liquid. At this point, liquid fills into the tank causing it to rise and contain your materials. When not in use, tanks are compact and able to fit in storage vehicles for easy transportation around your site.

Other Spill Products:

In addition to these self-rising open top onion tanks, we also offer several other open top spill containment products for collecting, storing and containing spills. These products will include low profile flexible spill containment berms, open top rigid frame tanks, and flexible spill trays for small and bulk containment.

Tank Containment, Spill Containment, Containment Pools Frame Containment Tanks: For a stronger containment basin, the frame tank is an excellent choice. Built from the same highly resistant materials, these containment tanks have an out frame made from steel. This helps to structure the liner material and provide a clear containment area for leaking products.

Spill Berms AA, Tank Containment, Containment Berm Aluminum Angle Spill Berm: The aluminum angle spill berm is an economical spill containment product that can be placed under large tanks, vehicles, and machinery to contain any potential leaks and spills. Berms come with aluminum angle brackets that fit into the sides of the berm to form a rigid structure.

spill basinSpill Basins/Trays: The spill basin is designed as an easy alternative to spill and containment berms. These folding or rolling basins provide easy transportation for use under tanks and machines once a spill has occurred. In addition, these basins have also been used as a spill containment tray for small items such as paint cans.

Check out the EPA Regulations for further information in regards to your secondary containment requirements.

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